Dear editor,

Please vote for Tom Tiffany.

As we suffer shortages of medications and protective gear due to (COVID-19), the folly of allowing the communist dictatorship in China to control large segments of our manufacturing has been exposed.  The need to control our international borders to protect our citizens has also been highlighted. Tom Tiffany will support President Trump in his efforts to reform U.S. trade policies and to regain control of our borders.

Tom Tiffany will also support President Trump in his efforts to root out corruption in the leadership of our federal intelligence, law enforcement and taxation agencies. Tom will also support President Trump’s appointments of judges who will respect our Constitution.

Best wishes to all of you as we use our American capitalist ingenuity to recover from the economic damage caused by (COVID-19). 

Please cast your vote for Tom Tiffany.

Bruce Bohr of Marathon

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