Dear editor,

I am writing to publicly endorse Tricia Zunker to serve us in the 7th Congressional District of Wisconsin. She needs our votes on May 12! Hopefully, you have decided to vote absentee; be sure to mail those out if you have them.

I support Tricia because she knows what it is like to struggle. To have a parent or parents working very hard to provide for their family, while having to miss out on the things in life that the more affluent take for granted. She lived through this struggle and was the first in her family to go to college. She knows what most of us have gone through or are going through in terms of the hard work that it takes to get ahead, while coming from a family with average, middle- to lower-class wealth.

She supports Medicare for All that want it while allowing people to make a choice as to whether they want to keep their current plan. She is a mother and a fierce supporter of our public schools. Prior to running to serve on the Wausau School Board, Tricia worked with others in the community toward every school in the district offering food for students to take home if they are living with food insecurity.

She teaches Constitutional law and is a strong supporter of our Constitutional rights and our civil liberties. When she announced her campaign, she did so at the Eau Claire Dells County Park, highlighting her regard for the environment and the fact that this place was a favorite family gathering place when she was young.

This is who we need representing us. Someone who cares about working families, because she comes from a working family.  Someone who cares about everyone’s rights. Someone who will work toward a stronger economy while protecting the environment.

And, it is time to get our healthcare system reformed once and for all. We need to have more affordable healthcare, prescription drugs and a public health insurance option. Tricia is the person who will work diligently toward all of these things.

One last thing to mention is that Tricia said no to corporate PAC money and has run a truly grassroots campaign! We need more politicians to turn down the money that corrupts them. This means that Tricia will be beholden to us rather than wealthy campaign contributors.

Please vote for her on May 12. She deserves this opportunity to serve us and we deserve someone like her to represent us!

Joel Lewis of Wausau

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