Dear editor,

Tricia Zunker is someone whom I’ve known for over 20 years. She is and always has been a person who stands up for what she believes in. She is a great leader and is a high-level communicator. She is a person who cares about people and who makes a positive impact in her community.

Zunker is trustworthy because she doesn’t sway in what she believes. She takes initiative to learn, builds rapport with diverse viewpoints to understand perspectives, and moves forward to make a difference. She does this while staying consistent with her message and with whom she is as a person.

She is intelligent. She speaks clearly and with knowledge behind what she says. She takes the time and energy to understand the issues that are important to people in our community and, furthermore, takes the time to deliver the message. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, she has been connecting with thousands of community members virtually, quickly adjusting and embracing the change of message delivery.  She authentically wants to hear what is important to northern Wisconsin residents.

She listens and has empathy for people. We need someone in this position who will hear us and actually care about what we, the Wisconsin people, think. She will actively lead and take action in a forward direction.

Vote May 12 for Tricia Zunker.

Angie Wenninger of Wausau

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