Dear editor,

Tom Tiffany must not be very proud of his record. He’s running to represent the 7th Congressional District, the most heavily gerrymandered district in the state (some say country) and all he can muster is an attack ad saying “We must stop” Tricia Zunker because she’s a “radical liberal.” Ms. Zunker ran for the School Board in Wausau out of concern for food insecurity (PC for hunger) while Tiffany ran for the state Senate to help mining interests exploit the Penokee Hills.

Outside groups contributed $1.2 million to Tiffany just in the primary. Organizations like The Club for Growth (tax breaks for the wealthy) and Americans for Prosperity (the Koch Brothers) financially support his candidacy. With headlines like these: The Coronavirus Bailout is Really Going to Screw Over Mom & Pop Businesses, and McConnell’s New Endgame … Cover for Corporate America, as well as the Republican Party’s overt support for big business over the little guy, who do you think Tom Tiffany will side with?

Tricia’s background is from a working class family with ties to agriculture and service to her community. She is not beholden to big money interests. Please vote to send an independent voice with no strings attached to Washington to represent our interests. Vote for Tricia Zunker May 12.

Erik Larsen of Phillips

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