Dear editor,

Tuesday, May 12, is a special election for many reasons. It is an opportunity for voters to return the 7th Congressional District to its progressive roots and it is an opportunity to elect a highly qualified candidate as our next representative to Washington, D.C.

Tricia Zunker has my vote and this is why.

Tricia is from a family of farmers and working people in Wisconsin.  She was the first in her family to go to college, graduating with a triple major and emphasis in political science and international relations from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  She has a law degree from the Los Angeles School of Law, is a twice elected Associate Justice for the Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court, has practiced law and teaches for several universities and is currently the president of the Wausau School Board.

Because of her roots, Tricia has a deep understanding of the people, issues and needs of the residents of Wisconsin. She is a great listener, who will bring a strong intellect, engaging personality, compassion, boundless energy and knowledge of the issues facing our state and nation to the role of representative. She also has a vision for Wisconsin’s future which includes:

  • Affordable healthcare and lower pharmaceutical costs for all
  • Strong public education to insure that our state has a strong workforce and educated citizenry
  • Essential support for agriculture and small businesses, the backbone of Wisconsin’s economy
  • Strengthening our state’s infrastructure, especially roads and bridges
  • Essential Internet access in rural areas of our state
  • Emphasis on protecting our Wisconsin environment – Clean air, clean water and green jobs
  • Civil rights for all people

Tricia Zunker’s record as a public servant, parent and resident of central Wisconsin is outstanding.

As we head into this extremely important election on Tuesday, May 12, it is essential that we all vote! I hope you will vote with me to insure that Tricia is the next Representative of the 7th Congressional District.

Carolyn Michalski of Schofield

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