By Shereen Siewert

Lou Larson is only in his first few weeks representing the residents of Dist. 10, but he’s already received his first piece of hate mail – from an anonymous source.

“Not even a month into my tour as a City Alderman and I’ve gotten some ‘Anonymous intimidation’ in my mailbox from someone whom wasn’t courageous enough to sign their letter,” Larson said.

The typed letter, pictured below, cautions Larson to “tone it down” or risk being recalled.

Larson said he sees the letter as “an attack on me and the bold personality I bring to City Hall” – as well as the citizens of Dist. 10 who elected Larson to represent them.

Mayor Katie Rosenberg said that while gathering constituent comments and being responsive to the community are part of an elected leader’s job, there’s not much actionable feedback in the letter Larson received.

“I want folks know that critical feedback is welcome throughout the policymaking process but it’s much more effective to give specific comments and sign your name,” Rosenberg said.

Tom Kilian, who was also recently elected to the council, said Larson has done a good job since being elected in April.

“He is diligent and always looking out for his district’s and the community’s best interest,” said Kilian, who represents Dist. 3. “I am happy and honored to serve with him.”

Larson said he hopes the person who wrote the letter chooses to address the issues at a City Council meeting – but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

“One may have to be a bit ‘Kooky’ to do this,” Larson said. “I’m up for the challenge.”