Dear editor,

In a lame attempt at justifying their lethal sentence by misrepresenting the Constitution the Wisconsin Supreme Court has now given us both liberty and death.

Thomas Jefferson would argue that the limit of one’s personal liberty extends to violating the equal rights of another. If as few as one out-of-household contact could lead to another’s death, how can such a ruling be further justified? How could any other metric be more valuable than life? Capitalizing on the justified frustration and anger caused by the loss of life, leisure and livelihoods, the  conservative judges have done the bidding of their masters by releasing the economic floodgates and opening Wisconsin wide for business, at perilous risk.

This exposure will lead to the unnecessary illness and death of our seniors, chronically ill and working people, particularly the working poor and workers of color. It will overcome our medical capabilities and overwhelm our healthcare workers. Are we willing to say “If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population?” Have we really gone from revering Patrick Henry to idolizing Scrooge?

Bruce Grau, nurse practitioner, of Wausau

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