WAUSAU – City of Wausau and Marathon County leaders have outlined a plan to tackle Marathon County’s homelessness issue.

The United Way of Marathon County will lead the development of the formal strategies and move to implementation, according to a Wausau Police Department news release.

“We have had greater collaboration and discussion around homelessness the last few months, more than ever before,” Wausau Police Department said in its release. “We feel the groundwork has been laid and relationships already strengthened to forge ahead with work that will create long term impact in homelessness here.”

Key factors moving forward:

  1. Enhanced coordination of services between agencies for people experiencing homelessness.

2. Availability of case management services for people experiencing homelessness.

3. Untreated addiction or relapse of substance abuse by people experiencing homelessness and untreated or unmanaged mental illness by people experiencing homelessness.

4. Increased transitional housing options for people after 30 days of sheltering and lack of short term transitional housing available upon release from jail.

5. Lack of mentors to assist people experiencing homelessness with securing and maintaining employment.

Partner Task Force organizations

Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce

The Salvation Army of Wausau

Marathon County Government

North Central Health Care

City of Wausau Government

Catholic Charities – The Warming Center

North Central Community Action Program

Wausau Police Department

The Joseph Project

Wausau Area Apartment Association

United Way of Marathon County

Wausau Police Department