Mathew Abel of Wausau and Victoria Hall of Wausau; May 30, 2020

Brendan Banker of Wausau and Kimber Heitmeyer of Wausau; May 23, 2020

Jeremiah Bergeron of Plover and Jennifer Mahler of Colorado Springs; June 4, 2020

Brandon Brost of Reid and Cassidy Ohrt of Mosinee; June 6, 2020

Wyatt Brown of Hatley and Kaitlyn Burns of Weston; May 30, 2020

Thai Chang of Mosinee and Rachel Peeters of Mosinee; May 30, 2020

Timothy Cleeremans of Green Valley and Valerie Nechuta of Green Valley; June 19, 2020

Andrew Cravens of Kronenwetter and Ellen Halbrook of Kronenwetter; June 13, 2020

Jason Daul of Green Valley and Laura Halbesleben of Green Valley; June 13, 2020

Michael Derbick of Wausau and Heidi Wiegel of Wausau; May 29, 2020

Jay Dietzler of Wausau and Heidi Graf of Wausau; June 20, 2020

Jason Dunwoody of Weston and Melinda Weise of Weston; May 25, 2020

Andrew Engen of Wausau and Morganne Kieffer of Wausau; June 20, 2020

Jordan Ford of Wausau and Kimberly Grimm of Wausau; May 23, 2020

Braxton Fristed of Wausau and Theresa Keskinen of Wausau; June 12, 2020

James Gauerke Jr. of Kronenwetter and Michelle Allen of Kronenwetter; June 13, 2020

Jeremy Gould of Mosinee and Brianne Geenen of Mosinee; June 20, 2020

Lucas Hannemann of Edgar and Martina Schilling of Edgar; May 16, 2020

Adam Hartfiel of Ames and Lindsey Murry of Mosinee; June 20, 2020

Todd Hitz Jr. of Wausau and Janelle Zebro of Wausau; June 6, 2020

John Janeczko of Rothschild and Matthew Freitag of Rothschild; June 6, 2020

Alvin Kaiser of Mosinee and Rachel Simon of Mosinee; May 20, 2020

Jeffrey Kirchner of Homer and Kimberly Haas of Mosinee; May 24, 2020

Dale Krueger of Hull and Irvin Watson Jr. of Hull; June 10, 2020

Anthony Kulp of Wausau and Hayden Czaikowski of McMillan; June 6, 2020

Austin Leverty of Saint Paul and Elizabeth Parsons of Saint Paul; June 6, 2020

Aaron Martin of Brighton and Amanda Garman of Hull; May 30, 2020

Ryan Martin of Millersville and Kristina Zimmerman of Unity; June 6, 2020

Zachary Moniz of Janesville and Brittney Miilu of Janesville; June 6, 2020

Zachary Neuner of Stevens Point and Keri Rogan of Wausau; May 30, 2020

Christopher Nicolaisen of Stratford and Brenda Miller of Stratford; May 23, 2020

Brian Plisch of Halsey and Beth Rzentkowski of Plover; May 22, 2020

Alex Radtke of Wausau and Shelby Champagne of Wausau; June 10, 2020

Jose Roberto of Kronenwetter and Elizabeth Perez Contreras of Franzen; May 18, 2020

Marc Sacia of Weston and Alexandria Kolb of Weston; June 20, 2020

Stephen Sadnick Jr. and Kayla Thums of Kronenwetter; June 6, 2020

Jeremiah Schmidt of Maine and Amy Henaman of Maine; June 20, 2020

Wyatt Schumitsch of Wausau and Ann Degeest of Wausau; May 30, 2020

Derek Shereda of Lakewood and Christina Justiniano of Lakewood; May 30, 2020

Paul Solinsky of Mosinee and Sarah Boenski of Mosinee; June 20, 2020

Logan Sparks of Weston and Nicole Miller of Wausau; May 30, 2020

Darrik Spatz of Wausau and Nikki Schmitt of Wausau; June 13, 2020

Cory Verhein of Weston and Ashley Wedow of Weston; June 20, 2020

Stefan Waldvogel of Wausau and Monica Preisig of Wausau; May 23, 2020

Joshua Whitehouse of Rib Mountain and Shelby Durga of Rib Mountain; May 11, 2020

Note: Date noted is marriage date.

Source: Marathon County Clerk’s Office