Wausau School District has announced the names of teachers, staff members and administrators who retired throughout the 2019-2020 academic year with a combined 1,159.5 years of district service. They are:

Joan Alters, Building Paraprofessional, Stettin Elementary School, 5 years

Amy Arlen, Coordinator of Communications, Longfellow Administration Center, 37 years

Cheryl Baars, Health Paraprofessional, John Muir Middle School, 32 years

Jolene Ballesteros, Special Education Paraprofessional, G.D. Jones Elementary School, 24 years

Cheryl Benson, Special Ed Paraprofessional, John Muir Middle School, 26 years

Barbara Berry, Social Worker, South Mountain and G. D. Jones Elementary Schools, 28 years

Mary Ann Bittner, Building Paraprofessional, Riverview Elementary School, 41 years

Regina Brown, Resource Center Paraprofessional, Wausau West High School, 42 years

Ann Christianson Viegut, Social Studies Teacher, John Muir Middle School, 33 years

Amy Christophersen, Library Administrative Assistant, Wausau West High School, 23 years

Virginia Edwards, Special Education Paraprofessional, John Muir Middle School, 13 years

Sarah Falk, School Counselor, John Muir Middle School, 19 years

Kevin Grundy, Physical Education Teacher, Wausau East High School, 20.5 years

Melinda Haase, Building Paraprofessional, Lincoln Elementary School, 15 years

Stephan Heinrich, Physical Education and Health Teacher, Wausau East High School, 31 years

Jodee Hildebrandt, Building Level Technical Aide, Riverview Elementary School, 3 years

Jane Jensen, Building Level Technical Aide; Lincoln and Rib Mountain Elementary Schools, Maintenance and Operations Building; 31 years

Suzanne Juedes, Special Education Paraprofessional, Grant Elementary School, 21 years

Sheryl Kazda, Administrative Assistant-Pupil Services, Longfellow Administration Center, 20 years

Debra Klug, School Occupational Therapist, Districtwide, 15 years

Lori Kramer, Special Education Paraprofessional VI, Grant Elementary School and John Muir Middle School, 20 years

Judy Lodahl, Director of Special Education, Longfellow Administration Center, 15 years

Marilyn Londerville, Administrative Assistant to Coordinators, Longfellow Administration Center, 25 years

Randal Luebbe, Physical Education Teacher, Maine and Stettin Elementary Schools, 30 years

Lawrence Mancl, Principal, John Muir Middle School, 12 years

Jerome Maney, Environmental Education and School Forest Coordinator, Wausau School Forest and Longfellow Administration Center, 32 years

Denise O’Donnell, General Science Teacher, Riverview Elementary School, 29 years

Roxann Page, Building Paraprofessional, G.D. Jones Elementary School, 30 years

Rodney Parsons, Physical Education Teacher, Horace Mann Middle School, 30 years

Donna Paul, Building Level Technical Aide, Wausau West High School, 30 years

Shari Paulson, 1st Grade Teacher, South Mountain Elementary School, 34 years

Bradley Peck, Principal, Wausau East High School, 30.5 years

Connie Perger, Payroll Manager, Longfellow Administration Center, 32 years

Ligia Pineda, ELL Translator, Grant Elementary School, 9 years

Larry Schreiber, Assistant Manager, Horace Mann Middle School, 18 years

Kenneth Taylor, Custodian, Wausau East High School, 22 years

Karen Thurs, Speech and Language Pathologist, G.D. Jones Elementary School, 30 years

Linda Tomcek, 2nd Grade Teacher, G.D. Jones Elementary School, 26 years

Mary Trantow, Relief Crew, Maintenance and Operations Building, 14 years

Diane Trulen, 5th Grade Teacher, Maine Elementary School, 35 years

Mary Tucker, Building Level Technical Aide; Grant, Maine, and Thomas Jefferson Elementary Schools, 24 years

Wang Vang, ELL Translator, Wausau East High School, 20 years

Deborah Watson, 1st Grade Teacher, Hawthorn Hills Elementary School, 5 years

Louise Wolf, Intellectual Disabilities Teacher, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, 32.5 years

Debra Woller, Social Studies Teacher, Horace Mann Middle School, 30 years

Fred Yellow Thunder, Custodian, Maintenance and Operations Building, 34 years

Connie Zipp-Seymour, Learning Disabilities Teacher, PEER, 31 years