Law enforcement and water safety officials will run the Operation Dry Water campaign July 3 through July 5 to help reduce the number of alcohol- and drug-related incidents and fatalities on water.

Wisconsin DNR and local law enforcement agencies will be out educating boaters on ways to stay safe while on the water.

“Staying sober while boating is a critical part of boating safely,” said Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas in a news release. “Boaters should also take a boating safety education course prior to getting on the water and everyone on board should always wear a life jacket while near or on the water. We want all boaters to enjoy
their time on the water in a way that allows everyone to return home safely.”

Outreach partners and volunteers will be out on the water and at marinas, working collaboratively with law enforcement to educate boaters about safe boating practices. Law enforcement will also be detecting and removing impaired operators from the water.

Boaters can learn more about boating under the influence by visiting