Justin Adams of Rothschild and Jocelyn Topper of Rothschild; June 26, 2020

Kyle Baneck of Wausau and Jennifer Larson of Wausau; June 13, 2020

Caleb Bigelow of Weston and Krista Kuehn of Weston; July 17, 2020

Lowell Braatz of Wausau and Maureen Socha of Wausau; June 20, 2020

Jeffrey Brillhart of Weston and Tiffany Schoenfeldt of Weston; June 25, 2020

Ronald Butkus of Wausau and Julia Jakel of Wausau; June 13, 2020

Alan Butt of Edgar and Jennifer Thornton of Edgar; July 18, 2020

Brenda Calhoun of Wausau and Alea Tessmer of Wausau; June 13, 2020

Ronald Carolson of Birnamwood and Vicki Hess of Birnamwood; June 19, 2020

Justin Crist of Marshfield and Kirsten Eckert of Marshfield; June 20, 2020

Jeremy Cunningham of Franzen and Paula Johnson of Franzen; July 4, 2020

Floyd Dean of Wausau and Allison Brill of Wausau; June 27, 2020

Adam Doede of Wausau and Kristin Sith of Wausau; July 4, 2020

Matthew Dunaj of Maine and Alexia Borneman of Maine; July 4, 2020

Tyler Erdman of Mosinee and Jenna Baumann of Mosinee; June 27, 2020

Matthew Eslinger of Rothschild and Kelsey Braker of Rothschild; June 13, 2020

Matthew Foley of Weston and Neng Yang of Plover; June 27, 2020

Daniel Geraty Jr. of Wausau and Amy Bruder of Wausau; June 23, 2020

Joshua Grimm of Weston and Melissa Rice-Hoffman of Weston; July 4, 2020

Andrew Grundman of Wausau and Tara Teske of Wausau; July 25, 2020

Joseph Halama of Wausau and Stacey LeJeune of Wausau; July 18, 2020

Peter Hale of Weston and Alexis Duncan of Weston; June 20, 2020

Chang Her of Wausau and Changmee Yang of Laos; June 9, 2020

Kaleb Herman of Spencer and Alicia Endreas of Spencer; July 11, 2020

Lukas Johnson of Weston and Hannah Brickson of Weston; July 11, 2020

Paul Kizewski of Bergen and Rebecca Meyer of Bergen; July 4, 2020

William Kolste of Wausau and Sara Schafer of Wausau; June 26, 2020

Norman Kurtz of Colby and Esther Martin of Owen; June 27, 2020

Anh Le of Wausau and Nancy Vang of Schofield; June 16, 2020

Lao Lee of Weston and Pa Vue of La Crosse; June 13, 2020

Ryan Leff of Kronenwetter and Jordyn Wadle of Kronenwetter; July 11, 2020

Anthony Lemanski of Wausau and Meghan Schreiber of Wausau; June 26, 2020

Alexander Lemmer of Edgar and Shannon Boesl of Edgar; July 25, 2020

Jamie Lloyd of Stratford and Tiffany Heisler of Stratford; June 20, 2020

John Loos of Athens and Taylor Schwab of Athens; July 11, 2020

Elliot Marshall of Spencer and Kelsey Weiler of Spencer; June 27, 2020

Joel Matz of Wittenberg and Lorianne Peatman of Mosinee; July 18, 2020

Kory McFadden of Wausau and Stephanie David of Wausau; June 27, 2020

Ben Norman of Wausau and Sarah Doede of Wausau; June 30, 2020

Jared Oehmichen of Colby and Raeann Hoppe of Colby; June 20, 2020

Samuel Paoli of Wausau and Angela Flashinski of Wausau; July 11, 2020

Benjamin Patten of Wausau and Abigail Olson of Wausau; June 20, 2020

Eric Ploeckelman of Eau Pleine and Pamela Klatt of Eau Pleine; July 4, 2020

Steven Rau of Weston and Amanda Haut of Weston; July 3, 2020

Timothy Resch of Weston and Anna Tessmer of Weston; July 11, 2020

Collin Rogers of Wausau and Casey Sullivan of Wausau; June 20, 2020

Seth Rudie of Rib Mountain and Charann Bonikowske of Rib Mountain; June 27, 2020

Matthew Rufener of Bern and Elizabeth Gomez of Halsey; June 28, 2020

Kevin Ruhl of Wausau and Cally O’Leary of Schofield; July 11, 2020

William Schmidt of Wausau and Gayler Oparyk of Wausau; June 20, 2020

Austin Stefanich of Coleraine and Kelsey Ludwig of Mosinee; July 18, 2020

Erick Steiniger of Weston and Danielle Smith of Weston; June 20, 2020

John Stelling Jr. of Tomahawk and Amanda Baars of Maine; July 10, 2020

Joseph Swiander Jr. of Rothschild and Amy Borchardt of Rothschild; June 19, 2020

Chad Thompson of Kronenwetter and Kristina McElhaney of Kronenwetter; July 11, 2020

Keith Thums of Wausau and Amanda Lecheler of Wausau; June 20, 2020

Anthony Treu of Wausau and Elyssa Kraeger of Wausau; June 27, 2020

Dennis Tucek of Marathon and Tammy Merschdorf of Marathon; July 25, 2020

Bayron Valdez Gamez of Wausau and Maria Ramirez Aguilera of Wausau; June 19, 2020

Mark Vang of Marathon and Andrea Wirkus of Marathon; July 11, 2020

Za Vang of Wausau and Ying Ly of Wausau; June 29, 2020

Tanner Younglove of Weston and Ciara Richardson of Weston; June 26, 2020

Timothy Zuleger of Edgar and Julie Haanstad of Edgar; July 24, 2020

Note: Date noted is marriage date.

Source: Marathon County Clerk’s Office