By Shereen Siewert, Wausau Pilot & Review Publisher

Happy Monday, readers.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the past four months have been exhausting for so many reasons. The pandemic, the local and national conversation on race and inequity, the economic downtown, the constant social media arguments…well, they take their toll on all of us.

This is one of the most difficult times I can ever remember, compounded by the constant worry about a family member battling a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Today is our wedding anniversary, and as we do each year, my husband Darren and I are spending the week on Madeline Island, so our “office” this week is at a remote cabin, a table overlooking Lake Superior. The cabin is a few miles from the town of La Pointe, which has all but shut down due to the pandemic. The peace and quiet is just what the doctor ordered.

That’s why this week you might not see quite as many stories published, as we take a week to relax, recharge, and reflect.

We don’t ever really take vacations, we just take our work with us, which we are enormously lucky to be able to do. We’re working this week too, but we’ve vowed to take more time away than usual, spending our afternoons in the sun, book in hand. We both just really need it.

Our editorial assistant, Amy Kimmes, is working, and we have a couple of freelance stories on the way as well. And we’ll be in and out, as we always are.

But when we return next week, we’ll be right back at it, refreshed and ready to roll.

Have a great week, readers, and thank you for being here. We appreciate you.