Dao T. Thao, 39, of St. Paul, Minn. Felony charges filed June 21 include four counts of possession of amphetamine with intent to deliver.

By Shereen Siewert

A 40-year-old Saint Paul, Minn. man will spend five years in federal prison for distributing methamphetamine to a Wausau drug trafficker in 2019, according to a news release issued by U.S. Attorney Scott C. Blader.

Dao Thao pleaded guilty to distributing methamphetamine on March 2 and was sentenced July 17 by Chief U.S. Dist. Judge James D. Peterson.

Prosecutors say Thao on June 19, 2019 possessed more than 114 grams of nearly pure methamphetamine and intended to deliver the drugs to a local trafficker in Wausau.

Thao was one of 16 people charged in the drug trafficking operation. Read more here.

 Telephone records confirmed that Thao delivered at least the same amount on one other occasion in the weeks leading up to his arrest, police said.  Telephone records also confirmed that Thao had been distributing various drugs for the year prior to his arrest in this case.

While records indicate Thao had been engaging in this behavior for at least a year, Judge Peterson considered Thao’s limited criminal history in determining his sentence.

The charge against Dao Thao was the result of an investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Central Wisconsin Narcotics Task Force; Marathon County Sheriff’s Office; Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation; Wausau Police Department; Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office; National Guard Counterdrug Program; Wisconsin State Patrol; and Everest Metro Police Department. 

The prosecution of the case was handled by Assistant U.S. Attorney Diane Schlipper.