By Shereen Siewert

Students at Newman Catholic Schools in Wausau will attend class in person this fall, though a remote option will also be available when the semester begins.

In a video statement posted on the Newman Catholic website, Amy Mettlach, Director of Instruction and Associate Principal – NC Middle and High School, said Newman is adding technology to allow teachers to conduct class to students who are physically present as well as students who are attending virtually. The technology is being funded through donations and includes cameras, smart boards and broadcasting equipment.

Teachers will be trained in the coming weeks on using the new technology.

The district has also purchased Chromebooks for students, while seeking ways to help families with limited broadband availability, Mettlach said.

School officials are also eyeing ways to maintain integrity of online assessment and grading. They are also actively planning for a sudden closure or COVID-19 exposure situation at schools.

Newman will offer a more detailed explanation of reopening plans with instructions for both parents and students on July 30.

See the full video update, below.