Dear editor,

Please share this open letter to (Marathon County) Sheriff Scott Parks.

The effectiveness of mask wearing as a means to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 is solidly based on and universally accepted by medical science. People who wear them understand this and feel obligated to protect others. Those who don’t wear masks by choice, for the most part, base their decision on self-centered personal opinion and/or misunderstanding of the limits of personal liberty as clearly defined by the writers of the Constitution.

You and your officers are obligated to serve and protect us. By not enforcing the state mask mandate you place us in peril. You place our nursing home patients and their heroic caregivers in harms way!

By not enforcing the state mask mandate you encourage narrow and self-centered thinking which detracts from the essential move toward a more caring community. Being in it together offers our most effective response to this uniquely ruinous virus. We urge you and your department to come together with your community at such a vulnerable time. Our lives and future livelihoods are depending on your support.

Bruce Grau of Wausau

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