Jeffrey Artus of Hamburg and Maria DeBroux of Wausau; Aug. 8, 2020

Griff Baerenwald of Kronenwetter and Jessica Rodemeier of Kronenwetter; July 18, 2020

Nathaniel Baker of Upham and Holly Swensen of Weston; July 25, 2020

Devin Barnes of Plover and Megan Bray of Plover; Aug. 8, 2020

Michael Beck of Easton and Nicol Wirkus of Easton; Aug. 15, 2020

James Becker of Spencer and Debra Thomas of Green Grove; Aug. 1, 2020

Allen Beilke of Wausau and Kayleigh Koprowski of Wausau; July 25, 2020

Richard Bixby of Wausau and Je Kim of Rockford; July 25, 2020

Issiah Bock of McMillan and Mykayla Gerretsen of McMillan; July 25, 2020

Casey Brien of Winston-Salem and Laurissa Christianson of Winston-Salem; July 18, 2020

Austin Briese of Bern and Amber Miller of Bern; Aug. 8, 2020

Mitchel Buchberger of Stettin and Cori Ford of Stettin; July 25, 2020

Jerry Bucki of Kronenwetter and Laura Kluck of Kronenwetter; Aug. 1, 2020

Robert Burke of Weston and Sharon Fortisi of Weston; Aug. 8, 2020

Jesse Call of Athens and Megan Thums of Athens; Aug. 15, 2020

Bradley Crary of Spencer and Kaila Cummins of Spencer; July 9, 2020

John Davidson of Spencer and Holly Strey of Spencer; Aug. 8, 2020

Benjamin Deitz of Wausau and Kysa Franseen of Clintonville; Aug. 1, 2020

Benjamin DeJong of Wausau and Kailey Graveen of Wausau; Aug. 15, 2020

Jeanette Dooley of Wausau and Debra Trudeau of Wausau; July 20, 2020

Randy Emmerich of Weston and Tammy Streveler of Weston; July 14, 2020

Jeremy Erdman of Rothschild and Deanna Danz of Rothschild; July 24, 2020

Jay Espeland of Wausau and Heather Johnson of Wausau; Aug. 1, 2020

Leopoldo Garcia Dominguez of Maine and Viridiana Sandoval Pena of Maine; July 26, 2020

Travis Gardebrecht of Norrie and Melanie Allee of Norrie; Aug. 1, 2020

Marcus Gates of Marshfield and Patricia Gatton of Marshfield; July 16, 2020

Gary Granger of Mosinee and Jody Engel of Mosinee; July 18, 2020

Steven Guy Jr. of Wausau and Jennica Chaignot of Wausau; July 25, 2020

Michael Hellerud of Wausau and Brenda Damrow of Wausau; July 21, 2020

Benjamin Herzfeldt of Wausau and Tiffany Janikowski of Wausau; Aug. 7, 2020

Adam Hitz of Weston and Anida Sirivong of Weston; Aug. 8, 2020

Michael Hoff Jr. of Halsey and Jessica Frandsen of Halsey; July 26, 2020

Tanner Hoppe of Hatley and Tessa Kurszewski of Hatley; Aug. 14, 2020

Logan Howland of Wausau and Kenneth Stetzer of Wausau; Aug. 1, 2020

Lucas Husnick of Knowlton and Nicole Simcakoski of Knowlton; Aug. 8, 2020

Victor Ijomah of Weston and Laurie Miller of Weston; July 11, 2020

Jeremy Jakubowski of Wausau and Kelsy Dempsey of Wausau; Aug. 14, 2020

Ross Jones of Kronenwetter and Rachel Jungbluth of Kronenwetter; Aug. 1, 2020

John Keefe of Medford and Kyncaide Diedrich of Rietbrock; Aug. 8, 2020

Dillon Knoblock of Rothschild and Aurora Martell of Weston; July 25, 2020

Timothy Koerber of Cleveland and Arielle Kukulka of Green Valley; Aug. 15, 2020

Curt Kroening of Wausau and Sarah Schneider of Weston; Aug. 8, 2020

Morgan Kuphal of Minneapolis and Jordan Grawien of Minneapolis; July 18, 2020

Benjamin LaPlante of Rothschild and Aubrey Blank of Rothschild; July 25, 2020

Benjamin Laska of Schofield and Hannah Lacalamita of Schofield; Aug. 22, 2020

David Marquardt of Stratford and Clare Thompson of Stratford; July 11, 2020

Travis Marshall of Wausau and Cathy Faulks of Wausau; Aug. 1, 2020

Patrick McKee of Stettin and Amy Tillman of Stettin; July 18, 2020

Grant Newman of Maine and Cassandra Wirkus of Stettin; Aug. 7, 2020

Lane Nicholds of Athens and Rachel Heiden of Rietbrock; Aug. 1, 2020

Banjamin Nichols of Wausau and Ashley Bender of Wausau; Aug. 8, 2020

Zade Patzer-Wilson of Wausau and Heidi Braunel of Wausau; July 25, 2020

Nathan Pospyhalla and Wien and Nicole Miller of Wien; Aug. 8, 2020

Brandan Raasch of Stratford and Christina Horacek of Stratford; Aug. 8, 2020

Ross Reed of Weston and Sarah Tyrrell of Weston; Aug. 22, 2020

Casey Schepp of Chicago and Petra Cervantes of Chicago; July 18, 2020

Kevin Schmitt of Norrie and Cari Schwede of Norrie; Aug. 8, 2020

Richard Schoeneck of Wausau and Debra Mech of Wausau; Aug. 2, 2020

Adam Schoenfeld of Wausau and Jenna Heisler of Wausau; July 1, 2020

Pawel Sciborowski of Wausau and Raeanne Huebner of Wausau; Aug. 1, 2020

Joshua Short of Spencer and Jessica Reise of Spencer; July 24, 2020

Ryan Strehlow of Wausau and Jacklyn Schwede of Wausau; July 31, 2020

William Szews of Hatley and Becca Schreiber of Hatley; Aug. 1, 2020

Brandon Tabaka of Weston and Jamie Winch of Weston; Aug. 1, 2020

Kevin Teske of Easton and Torey Nitzsche of Easton; Aug. 1, 2020

Jeremy Theisen of Harrison and Melissa Spray of Harrison; Aug. 1, 2020

Joseph Thimm of Mosinee and Mariah Weinberger of Mosinee; Aug. 8, 2020

Jordan Thomas Butgereit of Kronenwetter and Brittany Blunt of Kronenwetter; Aug. 1, 2020

Travis Treankler of Abbotsford and Brandi Reischel of Abbotsford; July 25, 2020

Joseph Trudell of Mosinee and Gina Reed of Mosinee; July 11, 2020

Tyler Van Kleef of Marshfield and Andrea Anderson of Marshfield; Aug. 1, 2020

Lucky Vang of Kronenwetter and Kaomanee Xiong of Kronenwetter; July 16, 2020

Patrick Washburn of Wausau and Jennifer Hearn of Wausau; Aug. 1, 2020

Jacob Wehner of Schofield and Sabrina Blarek of Schofield; Aug. 1, 2020

Dylan Willemssen of Rib Lake and Amalia Redmann of Athens; July 18, 2020

Nathan Yeager of Wausau and Danielle Stuhr of Wausau; July 18, 2020

Curtis Zorn of Wausau and Alicia Kurth of Wausau; Aug. 8, 2020

David Zuke of Wausau and Kasey Hedrington of Wausau; July 12, 2020

Note: Date noted is marriage date.

Source: Marathon County Clerk’s Office