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At 74 years old, this weekend I became a first-time protestor — a masked, stay-safe-inside-my-car protestor, but a protestor none the less.

I was protesting the “freedom” rally held at IROW in Mosinee, Wisconsin after some well-heeled antagonists had put out a cattle call for like-minded individuals to protest the mask mandate Governor Evers has instituted.

Donning a mask, I lettered a sign that read “your freedom = my confinement”, stuck said sign on the dash of my car, and drove round and round my block (their rally was being held directly in front of my residence) as the herd was hoofing it from their cars to the rally grounds. 

Got some stares (I stared back) and some snickers (I refrained), but I got my message across!

The good news is that this rally appeared to have substantially fewer people than their April “freedom” rally had. Maybe, just maybe people are waking up to the fact that there is a direct correlation between going out in public without face masks to the rise in the number of new cases here in the state; and maybe, just maybe, they are beginning to realize that if we simply wear the masks, we can get this pandemic under control and get our economy moving in the right direction sooner.

Kathleen Heller