A march to commemorate the 100 anniversary of women’s right to vote will be held on the 400 Block in downtown Wausau on Aug. 15.

The event not only celebrates women’s right to vote, it highlights the importance of every eligible person voting, the organizer American Association of University Women said.

The event runs from 10 a.m. to noon and begins at the 400 Block with a program and speakers. The march route will run from the 400 Block to the Marathon County Historical Society for a closing program.

Participants are encouraged to dress as a suffragist and bring posters and signs. Speakers are Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg; Barb Munson, member of the Oneida Nation; Kayley McColley and Carmyn Hoen from Black Lives Matter; and Ka Lo, Marathon County Board member.

Organizers ask participants to distance socially and wear masks.