Dear editor,

We need a president who puts America’s people first – before personal interests of power, money or celebrity status – a president who takes the responsibilities of leadership to heart, seeks the advice of experts and the findings of science, and keeps us safe.

Instead of responding quickly and smartly to coronavirus, as leaders of other advanced nations did, Donald Trump predicted it would disappear “like a miracle.”  Instead of forming a national plan to include safety measures, testing, and adequate production/distribution of supplies, Trump passed the buck to state governors.

It’s been estimated that approximately 90 percent of covid-19 deaths in America can be attributed to the administration’s delay between March 2 and 16. The Center for Disease Control projects 200,000 deaths by Labor Day. Effective presidential leadership could lessen tragic losses.

Trump’s intent to eliminate the Affordable Care Act with no alternative plan to cover pre-existing conditions would leave millions of people uninsured, including many with complications resulting from covid-19.

Climate change poses an “immediate risk” to national security according to the Pentagon, yet Trump’s administration consistently dismantles environmental regulations safe-guarding the climate and our health. Our children will bear the brunt of climate change, as Trump’s policies accelerate it.

Trump has weakened international partnerships and alliances we have relied on for decades to keep us safe. The result is a world in which the United States is less able to deal with pandemics, climate change, election interference and nuclear proliferation.

The threat of nuclear disaster increases with Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and soon the Open Skies Treaty. The New START Treaty is due for renewal in 2021. How safe are we with Trump’s hand alone on the nuclear button?

Voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is crucial to our well-being.

Keep safe. Request an absentee ballot early, Vote asap since our U.S. Postal Service has been underfunded, sorting equipment removed, and overtime eliminated by the administration, apparently to prevent later mail-in votes from being counted on time. Not voting is a vote for Trump.

Kathy Kascewicz of Fifield

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