Barker-Stewart Island Bridge

Bird City Wisconsin is giving Wausau a $500 grant as part of a new program for the birds.

The $500 will go jointly to the Wausau Bird Cub and the Wausau and Marathon County Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department, according to a Wausau Bird Club news release. It is one of six Bird City grants awarded in 2020.

The grants will be used to kickstart local projects that communities create and protect bird habitat, reduce threats to birds and educate residents about relationships between birds and people.

The $500 grant will help bird club volunteers, working under the direction of parks, recreation and forestry staff, restore native vegetation and erect educational signage on Barker-Stewart Island, on the Wisconsin River in downtown Wausau. They started the project in 2019 and have planted bur oak, red maple and elm trees, along with nannyberry viburnum, gray dogwood and hazelnut shrubs selected for their value to wildlife, especially birds.

More information on the local bird club is at