This Labor Day, Let’s Honor the Working Parents Going Above and Beyond in this Crisis 

Dear editor, 

This year, Labor Day arrives in an era of added appreciation for America’s essential workers. And one overlooked sector of the labor force that’s had to go above and beyond through no fault of their own during this crisis are the millions of working mothers and fathers nationwide who are balancing their careers and responsibilities at home. 

Although our nation’s child care crisis has existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic, these past months have showcased how much of our country’s workforce depends on consistent, safe and high-quality child care. Now we’re seeing child care centers, many of which were already operating at slim profit margins, go through the struggles of limited capacity and budget shortfalls. Without some form of public aid or subsidy, we run the risk of these child care centers cutting safety corners—and no parent should have to choose between giving up their own career to stay at home or risking their children bringing home the virus from an unsafe place.

Many union members have an advantage in access to child care, either at work or as a benefit. Let this Labor Day serve as a reminder that it’s time for Congress to wake up and invest in our nation’s child care infrastructure to protect our children before it’s too late. 

Nancy Tabaka Stencil of Rib Mountain

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