Kelly Abt of Kronenwetter and Tricia Blair of Kronenwetter; Sept. 3, 2020

Matthew Adams of Plover and Cassy Pozorski of Plover; Sept. 12, 2020

Tanor Allen of Weston and Vanessa Rolain of Weston; Aug. 21, 2020

Tynan Anderson of Wausau and Kathryn Koth of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Stephen Baker Jr. of Rothschild and Angela Brun of Wausau; Ag. 14, 2020

Dennis Baumgartner of Colby and Mary Baker of Colby; Sept. 5, 2020

Michael Becker of Wausau and Valerie Schubring of Wausau; Sept. 19, 2020

Erik Bendickson of Wausau and Amanda Flatter of Wausau; Aug. 29, 2020

Kenneth Boho of Weston and Jennifer Olson of Rib Mountain; Aug. 8, 2020

Mitchell Bratz of Wausau and Kira Engen of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Michael Buono of Wausau and Vildana Omerovic of Marshfield; Sept. 9, 2020

Travis Clark of Weston and Mikayla Michno of Weston; Aug. 15, 2020

Shawn Cleveland of Wausau and Barbara Lemke of Wausau; Sept. 11, 2020

Brandon Colbenson of Wausau and Sarah Petkau of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

David Craft of Kronenwetter and Jessica Starr of Schofield; Aug. 22, 2020

Scott Crowell of Stevens Point and Bailey Ellenbecker of Wausau; Aug. 16, 2020

Michael Curtin of Schofield and Loralee Snodgrass of Schofield; Aug. 15, 2020

Richardo De La Cruz Jr. of Wausau and Rosa Morales of Wausau; Sept. 16, 2020

Benjamin Degner of Mosinee and Kayla Weihing of Mosinee; Sept. 12, 2020

Daniel Desnoyer of Ringle and Aaron Apfelbeck of Ringle; Sept. 12, 2020

Tucker Diethelm of Athens and Tiana Weatherby of Athens; Aug. 29, 2020

Colton Drinville of Kronenwetter and Kaitlyn Kurth of Wausau; Aug. 15, 2020

Tylor Duellman of Rib Falls and Brittany Henderson of Rib Falls; Aug. 22, 2020

Ryan Dunn of Cleveland and Brianna Mader of Cleveland; Aug. 29, 2020

Hayley Durkee of Mosinee and Katrina Cihlar of Mosinee; Aug. 29, 2020

Ezekiel Ernst-Manteufel of Wausau and Amy Van Strydonk of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Shayne Fellenz of Wausau and Elizabeth Rybacki of Wausau; Sept. 5, 2020

Kole Ferge of Edgar and Nicole Rudolph of Edgar; Aug. 27, 2020

Dustin Genrich of Kronenwetter and Kirstin Ross of Kronenwetter; Sept. 5, 2020

Adam Geurink of Wausau and Amanda Kluck of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Alexandar Gibson of Wausau and Rose Ross of Harrison; Aug. 24, 2020

Bradley Graveen of Mosinee and Gabriella Strojny of Mosinee; Sept. 12, 2020

Hunter Grzywacz of Mosinee and Darian Roberts of Mosinee; Aug. 22, 2020

Philip Hamann of Edgar and Brenda Danielczak of Edgar; Aug. 22, 2020

Robert Hansen of Marshfield and Cynthia Brown of Marshfield; Aug. 11, 2020

Suzanne Heil of Kronenwetter and Kelly Gerrow of Kronenwetter; Sept. 12, 2020

William Heil of Emmet and Patricia Rainey of Marathon City; Sept. 5, 2020

Ryan Higgins of Weston and Brychell Foral of Weston; Sept. 8, 2020

Bryce Hoeffs of Schofield and Christina Weyers of Schofield; Aug. 28, 2020

Luke Holloway of Marshfield and Hannah Redetzke of Eau Pleine; Sept. 5, 2020

Bruce Hostrawser of Mosinee and Mari Calmes of Mosinee; Sept. 12, 2020

Bo Howard of Marshfield and Makayla Zimmermann of Marshfield; Aug. 22, 2020

Thomas Hrebik of Mosinee and Angela Wesley of Mosinee; Aug. 14, 2020

Brody Hurtis of Schofield and Abbey Crossman of Schofield; Aug. 29, 2020

Thomas Jaeger of Wausau and Elizabeth Harper of Wausau; Aug. 28, 2020

Andrew Jarvis of Wausau and Chelsea Poland of Wausau; Aug. 8, 2020

Kraig Jashinsky of Wausau and Ella Broullire of Wausau; Aug. 14,2 020

Martin Johnson of Rothschild and Deborah Fecteau of Rothschild; Sept. 19, 2020

Jonathon Kalsow of Spencer and Allison Zirnhelt of Spencer; Sept. 5, 2020

Scott Kannenberg of Pflugerville and Ashton Schutza of Pflugerville; Aug. 28, 2020

Aaron Karlen of Edgar and Karly Cullen of Edgar; Aug. 29, 2020

Kevin Kazmierczak of Mosinee and Roxanne Pankow of Kronenwetter; Aug. 15, 2020

Christopher Kintop of Schofield and Michaela Schumacher of Schofield; Sept. 19, 2020

Jordan Klatt of Kronenwetter and Haley Cveykus of Kronenwetter; Aug. 31, 2020

Jason Kluck of Rothschild and Jennifer Denzine of Rothschild; Sept. 18, 2020

Mitchell Kraus of Day and Haley Lenz of Day; Aug. 22, 2020

Trevor Kunze of Loveland and Kaitlin Forke of Greeley; Aug. 22, 2020

Sean Leary of Wausau and Stephanie Ruesch of Wausau; Aug. 19, 2020

Thomas Loftus of Arlington Heights and Tia Hanke of Arlington Heights; Aug. 22, 2020

John Luoma of Kronenwetter and Tashanna Mousel of Kronenwetter; Aug. 29, 2020

Christopher Maloney of Weston and Danielle Samse of Weston; Sept. 12, 2020

Zachary Malueg of Norrie and Destiny Ripley of Norrie; Aug. 29, 2020

Adam Mann of Mosinee and Brooke Reiter of Mosinee; Aug. 15, 2020

Jacob McFarlin of Weston and Jessica Shore of Weston; Aug. 7, 2020

Corey Meyer of Weston and Ashley Alsteen of Weston; Aug. 29, 2020

Jerrad Michiel of Rothschild and Kayla Zenner of Rothschild; Sept. 5, 2020

Robert Miller of Wausau and Ashley Kuehl of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Caleb Moses of Wausau and Nicole Hanson of Eagan; Aug. 15, 2020

Joel Murray of Wausau and Nina Goldsworthy of Wausau; Sept. 5, 2020

Alan Neumann of Wausau and Faith Lippert of Wausau; Sept. 14, 2020

Zachary Nowinsky of Wausau and Mikayla Schantz of Wausau; Aug. 15, 2020

Jared Pankow of Kronenwetter and Allison Reed of Pulaski; Sept. 6, 2020

Jovan Parks of Wausau and Samantha Neuendank of Weston; Aug. 13, 2020

Bradley Paul of Wausau and Emilie Waack of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Robert Pawlik of Weston and Emily Zamzow of Weston; Aug. 8, 2020

Alan Pearcy of Mosinee and Nichole Berger of Mosinee; Aug. 15, 2020

Scott Pempek of Wausau and Deanna Schubring of Wausau; Aug. 29, 2020

Justin Peters of Wausau and Sara Hujar of Wausau; Aug. 29, 2020

Nicholas Peterson of Wausau and Michaela Baumann of Wausau; Sept. 5, 2020

Vernon Peterson of Wausau and Pang Her of Wausau; Aug. 29, 2020

Jacob Pieper of Wausau and Alexandra Dickinson of Wausau; Sept. 12, 2020

Richard Poremba of Weston and Christina Kislow of Weston; Aug. 22, 2020

Gunner Quast of Wausau and Samantha Pitt of Wausau; Aug. 29, 2020

Darren Quinnell of Marshfield and Kelsey Clausen of Marshfield; Aug. 29, 2020

Andrew Reiche of Weston and Kendra Kramer of Weston; Aug. 15, 2020

John Runnoe of Wausau and Danielle Kollpainter of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Frederick Rzentkowski Jr. of Bevent and Jenna Maaser of Bevent; Sept. 5, 2020

Michael Saari of Weston and Emily Richardson of Weston; Sept. 12, 2020

Matthew Salzwedel of Spencer of Jamie Wodinowich of Spencer; Sept. 4, 2020

Philip Schneider of Wausau and Rebecca Ganter of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Jeremy Schreier of Marathon City and Kelsey Vanderleest of Marathon City; Sept. 5, 2020

Mark Schroth of Wausau and Brigitte Vanle of Wausau; Sept. 8, 2020

John Schwartz of Kronenwetter and Alissa Evans of Kronenwetter; Aug. 7, 2020

Steven Seltrecht of Hatley and Michelle Theiss of Hatley; Aug. 29, 2020

Timothy Sillampa of Frankfort and Emily Calaway of Rib Mountain; Sept. 12, 2020

Daniel Sosnowski of Wausau and Nicole Teske of Wausau; Aug. 10, 2020

Mason Stangl of Wausau and Nicole Zeman of Wausau; Sept. 19, 2020

Brad Stencil of Oklahoma City and Bobi Keesee of Oklahoma City; Aug. 1, 2020

Dallas Strite of Itasca and Stephanie Weaver of Eau Pleine; Aug. 8, 2020

Matthew Tlachac of Wausau and Danielle Depeau of Wausau; Aug. 29, 2020

Adam Urmanski of Wausau and Brianna Balz of Marathon; Sept. 12, 2020

Casey Venzke of Rietbrock and Kelly Wirkus of Rib Falls; Aug. 8, 2020

Justin Walkowski of Clitherall and Traci Block of Clitherall; Aug. 15, 2020

Mark Walters of Stratford and Kendra Dodge of Stratford; Sept. 5, 2020

Terry Wasniewski of Guenther and Mary Scheidler of Guenther; Aug. 29, 2020

Thomas Weinkauf of Wausau and Heather Richards of Wausau; Aug. 22, 2020

Dean Wendt of Mosinee and Gina Andrews of Mosinee; Aug. 14, 2020

Zackary Westberg of Weston and Melissa Espeseth of Weston; Sept. 1, 2020

Davon Weyers of Wausau and Alexandrea Brown of Wausau; Aug. 21, 2020

Roy Wolf of Baker and Hannah Root of Halsey; Sept. 5, 2020

Tyler Wright of Wausau and Leah Suwyn of Wausau; Aug. 27, 2020

Jordan Wurz of Weston and Donna Baca of Weston; Aug. 22, 2020

Dean Zakrzewski of Wausau and Lindsey Gile of Wausau; Sept. 19, 2020

David Zastrow of Wausau and Elizabeth Wanta of Wausau; Aug. 29, 2020

Steven Zastrow of Wausau and Amanda Baumann of Wausau; Aug. 15, 2020

Zachery Zurawski of Kronenwetter and Brooke Schott of Kronenwetter; Aug. 29, 2020

Note: Date noted is marriage date.

Source: Marathon County Clerk’s Office