By Shereen Siewert

Construction is underway for several multi-plex residential buildings at the corner of Grand Avenue and Sturgeon Eddy in Wausau, replacing aging buildings at the site.

Koble Investments, LLC, along with Scherrer Construction Co. are coordinating the project and have torn down several buildings to make way for the new apartment complexes.

Three previous buildings on one of the parcels involved provided nine dwelling units, which will be replaced with three new, updated structures consisting of a mix of one- and two-bedroom rental units. Two of the buildings will have 10 units consisting of seven one-bedroom unit, one two-bedroom unit, and two ADA accessible units. The third building will have seven one-bedroom units, one two-bedroom unit and one ADA accessible unit for rent.

Parking, at a rate of one space for a one-bedroom unit and 1.5 spaces for two-bedroom units are included in the plan. Sixteen of the 36 spaces will be at ground level below the dwelling units while the remaining 17 units will be surface parking, according to city documents.

City officials say estimated rents would likely be $700-$800 for a one-bedroom, and $800-$1,000 for a two-bedroom apartment in the new complex, according to statements made at a previous meeting by project planners.

A second part of the plan involves an approximately .32-acre parcel currently developed with one multi-family building providing six two-bedroom apartments. Koble and Scherrer plan to renovate the existing building, converting the space to four three-bedroom dwellings. Two parking spaces per unit will be provided, according to city documents.

The project, which came before the Plan Commission this month, does not rely on city financing and is instead a private development, said Wausau City Planner Brad Lenz.

The building plans, as proposed, while increasing the density of the parcels, aim to provide a more unified appearance along Sturgeon Eddy Road and Grand Avenue, project planners said.

“The design of the new structures would be in keeping with the smaller scale residential feel of the surrounding area,” said Scherrer senior architect Jennifer Blair, in a letter to city officials. “Additionally, the provision of enclosed parking would provide a greater degree of safety and security in the area while still providing an affordable housing option.”

See the full plan here.