Sally Tiffany. Photo courtesy UW-Stevens Point at Wausau.

Sally Tiffany

Age: 20

Hometown: Mosinee

High school attended: Homeschooled

Current program or major: English, with an emphasis on literature

Why did you choose UW-Stevens Point at Wausau?

I chose UW-Stevens Point at Wausau for its small class sizes, which made me feel at home. Also, the friendly professors, who genuinely care about their students, impacted my decision to enroll here.

What surprised you the most about the university when you arrived on campus?

How easy it was to make friends. Everyone is kind and inclusive, no matter your background. I felt welcomed when I introduced myself to my classmates.  

How or when did you discover your purpose? How did UW-Stevens Point at Wausau faculty/staff help?

I discovered my purpose by working at the university library. My library job reminded me how much I want to be a librarian, and the library staff encouraged me to gain new skills while working there. TRIO adviser Miranda Gentry-Siegel helped me find a major that fits into my career goal. She gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams.

Why did you choose your program/major?

When I took a literature class last semester, I fell in love with English as a major, especially when I found out I could focus on literature.

In addition to being a college student, what takes up your free time?

I love reading, playing board games and video games and getting bubble tea with friends.

What do you plan to do after attending UW-Stevens Point at Wausau?

I plan to go to UW-River Falls to finish my bachelor’s degree. Then I hope to find a job at a small-town library.

To make the most of their college experience, what advice would you have for incoming students?

Introduce yourself to one new person a week for the first couple months of college. You will make friends and connections easier and faster if you challenge yourself to do this. Also, take advantage of the tutors on campus. They are nice and always willing to help.

Source: UW-Stevens Point at Wausau