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Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Congressman Tom Tiffany for standing up for our law enforcement. The irrational left does not consider the negative effect defunding our law enforcement will have, and I applaud you for your unwavering fight in support of police officers across the state of Wisconsin.

Nearly all of us, at some point in our lives, have called on the assistance of law enforcement in a time of need. Guaranteeing continued protection of our communities through the work of our police force is crucial for the future safety of our nation.

I am tired of watching criminal behavior become a normalized trend and a stimulant of the left’s political agenda. Law enforcement officials have the right and the duty to protect our citizens from harm.

Defunding our police departments will only increase the already expanding violence across America. As a result, policies and movements backing the badge are more important to support than ever before.

Unfortunately, today’s Democrat Party refuses to condemn those responsible for the rioting and looting in our cities, and instead turns a blind-eye to the violence they cause. We cannot stand by and watch this happen.

Voting for Congressman Tom Tiffany in November will assure that our brave law enforcement officers continue getting the funding they need and deserve.

I want to live in a safe community. I want my family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow Wisconsinites to live in a safe community.

Defunding our police is not an option and Congressman Tom Tiffany knows that. That’s why I’ll be voting to re-elect Congressman Tiffany on November 3rd.


Christopher D. Poole, Wausau