RINGLE – Marathon County Solid Waste Department will offer this fall a free, four-part presentation series on topics related to waste, recycling, composting and sustainable living.

The series will be presented virtually using Zoom at 7 p.m. on Tuesday nights beginning Sept. 22. Pre-registration is required.

The first in the series will be presented on Sept. 22 by John Peralta. State of Waste: Past, Today, and Possibilities of the Future will focus on where waste goes once you throw it out, how it gets to its destination and why.

The second presentation, Prepare Your Compost for Winter, will be delivered on Oct. 13 by Susan Schuller. Learn how to save your food scraps for great, nutrient-rich compost in the spring and summer. Learn how to prepare your backyard compost bin this fall, so you can continue collecting food scraps year round.

The third presentation in the series is Ways to Recycle: When to Bin, When Not to Bin. It will be presented by Karin Sieg Nov. 10. Sieg will help attendees understand what should go in curbside recycling bins and what shouldn’t.

Susan Schuller will present Tips & Ideas for Wasting Less This Holiday Season on Dec. 8. Learn gift ideas, food saving tips and zero waste actions you can take this holiday without filling the landfill.

For more information, visit http://www.marathoncountysolidwaste.org/fall-presentations.