Dear editor,

The Atlantic magazine has published confirmed reporting that documented President Trump calling our military and veterans “suckers” and “losers.”  We have yet to hear from Tom Tiffany, whose devotion to Trump has been fervent and unwavering. Not a word. In this case, silence is indeed assent.

As a kid growing up in Elderon, I heard stories about my uncle, Lester Marsh, who was KIA  in World War II (New Guinea; Dec. 12, 1942). Then, in an unbelievable coincidence, I found out some years ago that my wife’s Uncle Clarence Schmidt was the medic who attended Lester as he died. With tears in his eyes, Clarence said, “I’m so sorry, Jon. I knew he wouldn’t make it; all I could do was hold his hand.”

Uncle Lester was not a loser. He was not a sucker. He was a loyal American who did his duty and made the ultimate sacrifice. Like Trump, to whom Tiffany pledges his undying fealty, Tiffany knows nothing about duty or honor. Like Trump, he never served, and his entire political career has been about being the center of attention, getting power to enact his wealthy donors’ agenda and, ultimately, enrich himself.

I am proud of my uncle’s and my own military service. I urge voters of the 7th District to choose Tricia Zunker and Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, the honest, competent, constituent-centered candidates. Our future as a democracy depends upon it.

Jon Marsh of Townsend

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