Dear editor,

When Tom Tiffany was elected to Congress I wasn’t happy, but I thought at least he cares about the environment, having been a man whose business counted on protecting our natural resources (river boat tourism on the Willow and Wisconsin rivers). I was wrong. 

He has advocated numerous threats to our clean waters and natural resources. He voted against the Great American Outdoors Act that ensures we have clean and protected land for recreation. He has also pushed for mining in the state when it was clear from scientific research that our resources would be adversely affected. 

Tricia Zunker is in favor of supporting Wisconsin schools while Tiffany proposed a bill to block federal funding for our schools. Wisconsin schools once were considered the best in the nation. De-funding, supported by Tiffany, has jeopardized that standing greatly. 

Zunker will work to expand health care coverage, ensuring that pre-existing conditions remain covered. Tiffany has voted against a law that protects patients with pre-existing conditions. 

The choice is clear. A vote for Zunker is a vote to ensure that the needs and concerns of Wisconsin (residents) are recognized and protected.  

Andrea Fenner of Irma

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