Dear editor,

The events of 2020 have certainly been the cause of one crazy, ongoing, news cycle – this past weekend was certainly no exception. There was a local story published this past Friday that seemingly escaped notice due to the larger national news. Frankly, it was a story that brought me to tears.

The Wausau Daily Herald story entitled “Rep. Tom Tiffany refused to condemn QAnon conspiracy” noted Mr. Tiffany was one of 18 legislators voting against Resolution 1154, while 371 of his fellow legislators voted for it.  The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Tom Malinowski, is condemning QAnon and rejecting the conspiracy theories it promotes.  

To put my reaction into perspective, I am a boomer who was born and raised in northcentral Wisconsin. I have worked throughout the entire state and have been proud to  be a resident of this district – which is why Mr. Tiffany’s vote is perplexing.

It has always been my belief that our elected legislators have the responsibility to vote on behalf of their constituents. If that belief was also the basis for Mr. Tiffany’s vote, collectively, the citizens of the 7th District DO NOT wish to condemn such things as: extreme ideologies and anti-government conspiracy theories, hijacking legitimate peaceful protest and encouraging followers to damage, deface or vandalize local, state and federal government properties and to attack law enforcement. I encourage everyone to read the Resolution 1154– it’s a short, powerful read.

Yes, Mr. Tiffany won the special election, but I can’t fathom that the majority of his constituents believe we should not condemn QAnon ideologies. The tears come from the possibility this beautiful district in Wisconsin is perceived to identify with their ideologies due to his vote – it hurts, terribly! 

Vote Tricia Zunker in the general election to represent us in Washington.

Theresa VanLieshout of Wausau

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