Ryan Acker of Wausau and Lynnette Evans of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Zachary Anderson of Wausau and Erica Anderson of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Aaron Bahler of Athens and Elizabeth Thorne of Athens; Oct. 11, 2020

James Bant of Wausau and Julia Kelk of Wausau; Sept. 19, 2020

Banjamin Barton of Wausau and Chloe Miller of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Levi Beiler of Bern and Nancy Beiler of Bern; Oct. 20, 2020

Gavin Borchardt of Eau Pleine and Macy Busche of Cleveland; Oct. 3, 2020

Samuel Bowers of Birnamwood and Hailey Hegewald of Elderson; Oct. 3, 2020

Kurt Braunel of Marathon and Jessica Bloom of Marathon; Sept. 20, 2020

John Brown of Rothschild and Caitlin Vandre-Schmidt of Rothschild; Sept. 29, 2020

Adam Brubaker of Stratford and Michaela Kuhlka of Stratford; Oct. 3, 2020

Garrett Bryan of Rosholt and Emilee Wadzinski of Bevent; Oct. 3, 2020

Benjamin Check of Wausau and Sally Hawbaker of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Richard Cook of Wausau and Terri Gantner of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Jacob Declerc of Wausau and Christy Gilbertson of Marshfield; Oct. 4, 2020

Charles Dehnel of Wausau and Linn Hall of Wausau; Oct. 2, 2020

Tyler Derfus of Wausau and Anna Finnell of Kronenwetter; Sept. 26, 2020

Daniel Diebenedetto of Maine and Katherine Roloff of Maine; Oct. 10, 2020

Matthew Donnelly of Wausau and Morgan Baumgartner of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Zachary Dvorak of Elderon and Brittany Kuehn of Elderon; Oct. 3, 2020

Paul Eberhardy of Mosinee and Erin Stevenson of Mosinee; Oct. 3, 2020

Devan Fandrey of Ringle and Kaylee Lambrecht of Ringle; Sept. 12, 2020

Scott Fink of Schofield and Abbey Preiser of Schofield; Sept. 25, 2020

Nathan Fondie of Rothschild and Jessica Townsend of Mosinee; Sept. 27, 2020

Caitlin Gaulke of Wausau and MaryKelly Elsen of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Benjamin Gunderson of Wausau and Christine Reynebeau of Wausau; Sept. 12, 2020

Edward Gurney of Wausau and Melissa Kaeding of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

David Hale of Wausau and Emma Sauter of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Cody Heath of Bevent and Nicole Nellessen of Bevent; Sept. 30, 2020

John Henriksen of Kronenwetter and Bailey Bredl of Kronenwetter; Sept. 19, 2020

Joshua Hess of Wien and Ariana Ogburn of Ripley; Oct. 3, 2020

Robert Hilber of Wausau and Rebecca Benaszeski of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Bryan Holtz of Mosinee and Melissa Homolka of Mosinee; Oct. 10, 2020

Miles Horton of Birnamwood and Robin Meverden of Birnamwood; Oct. 3, 2020

Matthew Johnson of Guenther and Diane Anselmo of Guenther; Oct. 9, 2020

Robert Johnson of Wausau and Jean Peterson of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Kyle Juedes of Wausau and Penny Borchardt of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Andy Karl of Mosinee and Stephanie Schuster of Mosinee; Sept. 19, 2020

Austen Kennedy of Wausau and Heather Hugg of Wausau; Sept. 26, 2020

Daniel Kerlin of Wausau and Lacey Zimmerman of Wausau; Sept. 29, 2020

Michael Kersten of Maine and Heather Mayer of Maine; Sept. 19, 2020

Benjamin Klatt of Rib Mountain and Shannen Litzer of Rib Mountain; Oct. 17, 2020

Jerome Knauf of Wausau and Kathryn Hahn of Wausau; Sept. 25, 2020

Adam Kochan of Athens and Jennifer Puerner of Athens; Oct. 4, 2020

Kodie Kocher of Kronenwetter and Ciara Steffenhagen of Kronenwetter; Sept. 19, 2020

Garrett Kohel of Franzen and Elizabeth Kirby of Franzen; Oct. 10, 2020

Nicholas Korbisch of Wausau and Britany Sciborowski of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Tyler Kowalski of Mosinee and Katie Ivaska of Mosinee; Oct. 10, 2020

Gary Koy of Maine and Judy Pederson of Stettin; Sept. 25, 2020

Daniel Kroeplin of Wausau and Amanda Allain of Wausau; Oct. 5, 2020

Brianna Krueger of Wausau and Jordan Ascher of Wausau; Sept. 10, 2020

Kyle Kunze of Holton and Ashley Vanluven of Holton; Sept. 26, 2020

Steven Kurszewski of Kronenwetter and Tiffany Rogers of Kronenwetter; Oct. 3, 2020

Derek Kurth of Schofield and Kaylee Bradfish of Schofield; Sept. 18, 2020

Michael Labar of Wausau and Amanda Hanuszczak of Wausau; Sept. 27, 2020

Neil Laes of Wausau and Sarah Tifft of Wausau; Sept. 26, 2020

Andrew Lamb of Wausau and Miranda Nolan of Wausau; Sept. 25, 2020

Dakota Lang of Edgar and Brittney Knetter of Edgar; Oct. 10, 2020

Benjamin Laska of Kronenwetter and Morgan Younger of Kronenwetter; Sept. 10, 2020

Reno Leavitt of Wausau and Mace Moxey of Wausau; Sept. 25, 2020

Ross Lee of Marathon and Brittany Ashley of Athens; Sept. 26, 2020

David Lemmer of Wausau and Kathryn Newell of Wausau; Sept. 26, 2020

Andrew Luchterhand of Wausau and Tyler Jones of Wausau; Sept. 28, 2020

Andrew Maas of Kronenwetter and Carly Krueger of Kronenwetter; Oct. 24, 2020

Brandon Maaser of Wausau and Amanda Archer of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Jeffrey Marquardt of Kronenwetter and Felicia Krejci of Kronenwetter; Oct. 10, 2020

Jordan Marten of Spencer and Makailee Sova of Spencer; Sept. 18, 2020

Lucas Marti of Schofield and Rebecca Black of Schofield; Sept. 26, 2020

Evan Mayer of Wausau and Jocelyn Gaboury of Wausau; Sept. 26, 2020

Peter McGreck of Wausau and Jennifer Roche of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

James McKissick of Wausau and Rhonda Kowle of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Christopher Myers of Edgar and Dorothy Wolfe of La Crosse; Oct. 10, 2020

Matthew Nabbefeld of Black Creek and Kasey Brown of Wausau; Sept. 19, 2020

Joseph Nagrant of Knowlton and Janelle Gokey of Knowlton; Oct. 3, 2020

Keith Neitzke of Wausau and Jennifer Kolacinski of Wausau; Sept. 18, 2020

Kevin Nelson of Weston and Jennifer Wesenick of Weston; Oct. 3, 2020

Thomas Neterval of Wausau and Lacy Hunter of Mosinee; Sept. 4, 2020

Derek Norby of Kronenwetter and Courtney Bork of Kronenwetter; Oct. 10, 2020

Bradley Oberbeck of Weston and Anne Cronin of Weston; Oct. 10, 2020

Wilho Okkonen Jr. of Weston and Kelsey Finke of Weston; Sept. 25, 2020

Liam Olson of Mosinee and Noelle Guldan of Mosinee; Sept. 12, 2020

Jesse Osborne of Mosinee and Jessie Utecht of Mosinee; Oct. 10, 2020

Trenton Pate Jr. of Wausau and Niesha Barnes of Wausau; Sept. 5, 2020

Alexander Perez of Weston and Brittany Dahlke of Weston; Oct. 3, 2020

Robert Pittman of Wausau and Alyson Pederson of Wausau; Sept. 19, 2020

Noah Plautz of Schofield and Haley Farrar of Schofield; Sept. 26, 2020

Zechariah Proctor of Kronenwetter and Abrielle Krumrie of Kronenwetter; Sept. 19, 2020

Michael Ramsey of Schofield and Miranda Orlikowski of Schofield; Oct. 3, 2020

Vincent Rau of Holton and Lindsey Davis of Holton; Oct. 10, 2020

Christopher Rickett of Kronenwetter and Kelsey Hockerman of Kronenwetter; Sept. 12, 2020

Andrew Rindfleisch of Stettin and Heather Jennejohn of Stettin; Oct. 10, 2020

Michael Russ Jr. of Rib Mountain and Madison Burrs of Rib Mountain; Sept. 19, 2020

Rebollo Sandoval of Wausau and Alejandra Rodriguez Nieto of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Brian Schade of Wausau and Mollie Peters of Wausau; Sept. 12, 2020

Dustin Schairer of Plover and Cheyann Stark of Plover; Sept. 26, 2020

Chad Schnautz of Maine and Amber Thums of Butternut; Sept. 12, 2020

Judy Schraufnagel of Wausau and Cynthia Baumann of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Brian Schultz of Mosinee and Rose Ullman of Mosinee; Sept. 25, 2020

David Spencer of Marshfield and Alicia Grant of Marshfield; Oct. 17, 2020

Cody Stankowski of Mosinee and Monica Gross of Mosinee; Sept. 19, 2020

Eldon Stauffer of Bern and Rosanne Weber of Rietbrock; Sept. 18, 2020

Christian Stoltzfus of Stetsonville and Elsie Beiler of Johnson; Oct. 22, 2020

Dustin Studinski of Wausau and Rylee Dobizl of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Cody Stuttgen of Wausau and Stephanie Denfeld of Wausau; Oct. 10, 2020

Matthew Sweeney of Minnetonka and Michaela Gunseor of Minnetonka; Oct. 17, 2020

David Trimner of Johnson and Jessica Pralle of Mentor; Oct. 10, 2020

Clayton Van Genderen of Rothschild and Kimberly Collins of Rothschild; Sept. 25, 2020

Tyler Voda of Stratford and Tianna Hughes of Stratford; Sept. 26, 2020

Tyler Wagner of Edgar and Macayla Greider of Mosinee; Oct. 10, 2020

Zachary Waldon of Shoreview and Greta Melcher of Shoreview; Oct. 10, 2020

Benjamin Walker of Rocksprings and Lannea Fish of Spencer; Sept. 19, 2020

Sean Walsh of Stratford and Sara Hoffman of Stratford; Oct. 10, 2020

Allen Wanta of Hatley and Trista Kurasz of Hatley; Sept. 19, 2020

Shaun Wehrman of Edgar and Amanda Chicks of Edgar; Sept. 26, 2020

Cody Weiler of Edgar and Ryleigh Dahlke of Edgar; Sept. 26, 2020

Joshua Wiechmann of Wausau and Brittney Layman of Wausau; Oct. 9, 2020

Kevin Wilkowski of Kronenwetter and Stephanie Rissman of Kronenwetter; Oct. 16, 2020

Joshua Winchell of Wausau and Nyssa Graap of Wausau; Oct. 15, 2020

Matthew Wogernese of Edgar and Stacy Kaiser of Mosinee; Oct. 10, 2020

Dylan Worthen of Rothschild and Haylee Radtke of Rothschild; Oct. 10, 2020

Chi Yeung of Wausau and Emily Timm of Wausau; Oct. 3, 2020

Brent Zastrow of Kronenwetter and Ashley Kuehmichel of Kronenwetter; Oct. 9, 2020

Kyle Zblewski of Easton and Laura Christiansen of Easton; Oct. 10, 2020

Note: Date noted is marriage date.

Source: Marathon County Clerk’s Office