Dear editor,

Recently, my cousin from New Zealand wrote, “Nearly every day there is a cartoon in our paper which says something uncomplimentary about Trump.”

With typical English reserve, she is saying that there are very few good things that may be said about Trump. My cousin wonders how a great nation such as the USA—which under past administrations had been a major world leader—can continue to tolerate a president such as Trump. I wonder also.

Atlantic magazine recently reported an incident that most of us have heard of. President Trump, a few months ago when he was offered the chance to tour a cemetery dedicated to the remains of American servicemen, who had died fighting the Nazis in World War II, turned down that chance. He said that the servicemen were just “losers and suckers.”

Atlantic magazine, a major publication with a fine reputation, must fact-check carefully. So, we can with confidence believe this shocking report, especially when we consider a parallel event: Trump declared that Senator John McCain was “no hero” in Vietnam.

John McCain is one of my heroes, but Trump doesn’t think so, saying, “He was caught!” That is shameful and indicates the reality that Trump believes in anything that suits his fancy, instead of what fits with reality.

But now, Trump says that he really liked John McCain. This indicates that Trump cannot be trusted to understand what is real, or to remember what he said in the past.

Trump should be removed from office in November. He lacks the capability to lead our nation in these complex and dangerous times.

I am a Korean War veteran, and served from 1952 to 1954.

James Lewis of Merrill

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