By Shereen Siewert

A 62-year-old Rosholt man is facing charges after allegedly threatening to blow up the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department in Wausau with a bomb or a grenade.

Police say Krzysztof K. Wygoda has a history of aggressive acts that escalated since his release from an Illinois prison. He faces charges of making a terrorist threat and bail jumping in a case filed Oct. 14 in Marathon County Circuit Court.

According to the criminal complaint Wygoda called the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department 911 center repeatedly in the early morning hours of Oct. 12 threatening to blow up the building. The calls allegedly began shortly after he was released from jail in Adams County, where he faces disorderly conduct, drunken driving and bail jumping charges.

Police say Wygoda threatened to walk into the building with a grenade in his hand, made references to the Oklahoma City bombing and also claimed to be a former Navy Seal. In addition, Wygoda allegedly said he would fly a “F-1 fighter plane out of Baraboo and drop bombs” on the Sheriff’s Department.

When advised that threatening to blow up a government building was illegal, Wygoda allegedly responded with “(Expletive) you, come find me,” according to the incident report.

Police say Wygoda has documented mental health issues, consumes alcohol, refuses to take medication and habitually causes disturbances that have resulted in arrests in Adams, Portage and Marathon Counties. His increasing level of aggression, “implementation of edged weapons” and reference to explosives alarmed investigators, who located Wygoda at an Adams County home and transported him to the Marathon County Jail.

Wygoda was set for an initial appearance Wednesday, but that was scuttled after he asked for a Polish interpreter. He is now due in court Friday afternoon, when a judge will set a bond amount for his potential release.

It is unclear for what type of crime Wygoda served prison time in Illinois.

Wygoda faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison if he is convicted of the terrorism-related charge.