Dear editor,

Why do I support President Trump? Professor Wayne Grudem helps me answer this question in his article “30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America.”  Here are a few examples. 

1. Trump’s outspoken support of protection for unborn babies– restricting government funding for abortion and protecting the conscience rights of medical personnel. Biden supports taxpayer-funded abortion up to the moment of birth.                                           
2. Trump’s commitment to appointing judges who will interpret the Constitution and laws as written.  This has come to the forefront in the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. She is acknowledged to be an outstanding jurist, a dedicated mother of sterling character and a constitutionalist, not a judicial activist.  The Democrats insist on opposing her, with the threat of “packing the court”  (increasing the number of justices) should she be confirmed, if the Democrats regain control of the Senate.  An example of – if you can’t win within the current system, you change the rules. 

3.  Transgender issues. Obama initiated  “transgender bathroom rights” endangering the privacy rights of boys and girls in bathrooms and locker rooms.  Trump has reversed this policy, also protecting women’s sports from unfair competition with biological males. Biden promises to pass the so-called Equality Act, which elevates LBGTQ+ rights over Constitutional religious freedom rights.
A few of Trump’s accomplishments in other areas –  support for school choice  – to improve access to educational opportunities, especially for the low-income (opposed by the Democrats);  international relations –  the historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates;  deregulation, spurring economic development; strengthening the military; defeating ISIS. 

While conservative and pro-life Americans are often marginalized by the Democrats, Trump listens to and supports us. We support Trump for what he has done, not necessarily for who he is. We no longer listen to the overwhelmingly negative coverage by the media.                                             

Grudem’s complete article and citations are found on Study comparisons of the party platforms. Vote.    

Dorothy Giallombardo of Merrill

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