STEVENS POINT – Hear stories about animals and nature with your preschooler through Facebook Live as the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Museum of Natural History presents Virtual Story Time.

Go to at 10 a.m. every other Friday, Oct. 23-Dec. 4, for themed stories and craft activities. Go to the website ahead of time to get a list of needed supplies for each week’s activity.

Programs and book titles include:

·         Oct. 23 – “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed!” and “Sweety”

·         Nov. 6 – “Pinduli” and “That’s Not Funny” (hyena stories)

·         Nov 20 – “Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks” and “Hedgehogs: Autumn Hide and Squeak”

·         Dec. 4 – “If Wendell Had a Walrus” and “There’s a Walrus in My Bed”