Dear editor,

Two weeks ago, (Oct. 20), I sent a “letter to the editor” to various publishers throughout the 7th District.  I had noted that special election congressman Tom Tiffany was one of 17 Republicans, plus one Independent, who voted no to Resolution 1154 condemning QAnon, while his fellow legislators made up for the remaining 371 votes who did condemn QAnon.

I had expressed that it was hurtful to the constituents of this district that he “represented” our beliefs with the vote he had made. Since then, Mr. Tiffany has put out an ad stating that he will support and defend police departments while in the same ad he released an attack on his opponent, Ms. Zunker, suggesting she wants to defund police departments – which isn’t her stance at all.

Why is this ad relevant? Mr. Tiffany’s new ad is relevant because he had just voted with a very small minority to not condemn such practices as “encouraging followers to damage, deface, or vandalize local, State, and Federal Government properties and to attack law enforcement.”

So, that may “be your ad” Mr. Tiffany, however, your on-the-record vote indicates an entirely different position, rather, placing our law enforcement communities at risk.

In Mr. Tiffany’s special election ads he promised to “stand by President Trump,” and he wasn’t lying. It’s clear to all who are paying attention that his no vote to denounce QAnon is just that – standing by President Trump, refusing to denounce hate groups by utilizing a vote that should be intended to represent the constituents of the 7th District, or follow a party line. As a majority, we should find this insulting. We, collectively, I believe, are far and away above this dangerous thought process. 

When asked at the Oct. 16 debate hosted by WJFW why he had voted no to the condemnation of QAnon, not only did he not answer the question, he reverted to the previous question as well as going on to blame Nancy Pelosi for his vote. It is clear that he decided to vote his personal belief, which he can do, he should then, when asked, be able to explain to his constituents the reason he did so. He has the responsibility to explain to us why he chose this controversial vote on our dime.

With the events happening in Michigan/Wisconsin where similar hate groups conspired to attack State Patrol, storm the Capitol and kidnap a sitting governor to bring her to court for treason … is it true that the majority of us are not appalled by this? God, I hope not. 

Vote for civility. Vote Tricia Zunker to represent Wisconsin’s 7th District in Washington. 

Theresa VanLieshout of Wausau

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