Dear editor,

I was reading about a debate between Senate candidates in Georgia. The Republican kept saying “radical socialist agenda” and falsely accusing his opponent of wanting to defund the police. Sound familiar? Tom Tiffany uses the term “radical socialist anarchists” and falsely accuses Tricia Zunker of wanting to defund the police. I guess persons who have no record to run on have to resort to attack ads.  You’d hope that “stop the madness” is referring to Trump’s Proud Boys, or to the Oath Keepers, who promise to show up armed at polling places.

Tiffany has made it clear that he’s all aboard the Trump train and proved it by joining only 17 others out of 435 representatives in refusing to condemn Q-Anon (a conspiracy theory that has no basis in fact).

Constituents have a right to expect that our elected representatives make decisions based on facts, not opinions. Tricia Zunker got politically involved because of concern over “food insecurity,” (PC for hunger) and the many young people impacted in central Wisconsin. Tricia Zunker shows the independence, analytical and critical thinking skills to represent the people of this district rather than the interests of big-money donors. We need leaders in this time of economic crisis who are able to make decisions which directly impact and benefit the people they represent. A vote for Tricia Zunker will be a step in the right direction for the 7th Congressional District.

Erik Larsen of Phillips

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