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Dear editor,

Yesterday, the United States had the largest number of positive Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. Wisconsin and Marathon County continue to set records for positive cases and the number of hospitalizations and deaths.  Over 220,000 Americans have died as a result of Covid-19 so far.

Where is the leadership from our elected officials?  There has never been a plan from the federal level to deal with this pandemic and stop the spread.  Their only plan is to wait for a vaccine, which could still be months away.

The feds have left if up to the states.  Our state legislature has done nothing.  They seem to think their only job is to oppose the Governor at every turn.  The state Supreme Court has basically left if up to counties and municipalities to deal with the pandemic.  If the County Board has done anything, I am unaware of it.

We deserve more from our elected officials at all levels. They need to listen to medical and health professionals and then take strong, swift action to stop the spread.  Only then will we be able to start getting back to a normal lifestyle. That may mean shutting down certain parts of the economy again or enacting a stricter ban on face coverings and gatherings of any kind. Those would not be popular actions with a lot of people. 

But, if we continue along the present course, who in your circle of family and friends are you willing to sacrifice to sickness or death in the coming weeks and months?

Scott Berger, Weston