Dear editor,

I am writing to urge you to vote for Tricia Zunker for the U.S. Congress. We need real representation here in the 7th Congressional District.

Her opponent has proven that he doesn’t care about those of us living in his district. In just the few short months he has been in Congress, he has opposed the law that protects patients with pre-existing conditions. He did this during a pandemic. He proposed a bill to block federal funding of our schools during a pandemic. He voted against the Great American Outdoors Act which ensures our hunters and anglers have clean and protected public land. He voted against funding for broadband expansion, which would help guarantee internet access for our most rural citizens during a pandemic, when so many depend on it for work and school. He voted against protecting and funding our postal service during a pandemic. He voted against bringing good paying jobs to Wisconsin during a pandemic. He believes that protecting businesses from being sued by employees is more important that protecting our communities during a pandemic. He supports Trump, who is supportive of risking our hard earned Social Security benefits in order to fund the tax cuts he gave to millionaires and billionaires.

This is who you will get and what you will lose if you don’t vote to send Tricia Zunker to Congress. Her opponent has proven what he will take away from you if you give him another chance.

Let’s send Tricia to Congress and let her work for us. Let her fight to protect our most vulnerable, our environment and our essential workers during this pandemic. Tricia supports funding for broadband expansion, ensuring health care coverage to protect those with pre-existing conditions. She will fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs and will work to bring good paying jobs to Wisconsin. Tricia will defend funding for our schools and our postal service. She will protect and expand your hard earned Social Security dollars. Tricia Zunker has shown us who she is. Now let’s show her who we are and vote to send her to Congress!

Lisa Ort Sondergard of Edgar

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