Dear editor,

There are a lot of TV ads against Tricia Zunker for the 7th Congressional District with their primary focus  based on fear of those pesky liberal agendas. Things like climate change, affordable healthcare, living wages, protecting Social Security, including Disability Insurance and Medicare.  These issues are what she is fighting for.

Tricia Zunker will be a great representative for our Wisconsin Northwoods. She will reach across the aisle to get the best laws in Wisconsin’s best interest. This includes strengthening the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where many have fallen ill in our community.  Unlike Tom Tiffany, who as a State Senator, refused to expand the federal funding for Medicaid that would’ve insured 89,000 working poor Wisconsin families and saved our state millions. 

Tiffany supports lawsuits to have the ACA repealed. In spite of the widely popular ACA provisions for preventing insurance companies from raising premiums for pre-existing health conditions, keeping  children on their parents  health insurance until the age of 26 and eliminating lifetime caps. He will tell you that he is in favor of protecting your pre-existing health conditions, but in 12 years since Obamacare has passed, Tiffany still doesn’t have a plan.  

The 7th CD is a mostly rural area covering over 21 counties. People that reside in these remote communities desperately need reliable broadband internet, especially during this pandemic, for their children to participate in online education. Tiffany voted no to expanding broadband internet. He doesn’t believe rural folks should be afforded the privilege of fast internet connections. 

Tricia Zunker has proven her commitment to public education by stepping up to be president of the Wausau School Board. Under her leadership, she continues to look for consensus with other board members to find the tough solutions that are in the best interest of the students and the community at large. Tom Tiffany, on the other hand, while in Congress, authored a bill to defund public education during the COVID-19 pandemic to force public schools to open, taking away local control of school operations and their health and safety experts.

Tricia believes that we have an obligation to fight for and protect our environment, which includes clean air and water, our natural resources and our designated scenic rivers, such as the Wolf River. Tiffany was able to convince then Gov. Walker to fire the scientist in the DNR. Toxic Tom then authored with the mining lobbyists holding his pen to paper for ACT 134, which opened the door for mining companies to explore potential mines in such places as the beautiful Eau Claire Dells and the scenic Wolf River. As a congressman, he voted against preserving our clean air, water and restoring our National Parks.

Lastly, on the Tom Tiffany lie that Tricia Zunker will defund the police: Tricia fully supports law enforcement and will work to strengthen and find solutions for a more just police force through more funding and for agencies that will aid law enforcement in protecting their communities. For me, this is an easy vote for the people of the 7th CD.    

Moira Scupien of Antigo

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