WAUSAU – Metro Ride will operate all regular routes and express routes when Wausau School District schools resume in-person classes on Nov. 2, Metro Ride announced this week.

Express routes will run on school days only, Monday through Thursday.

Metro Ride has implemented recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control to protect passengers from the spread of COVID-19:

-Hand sanitizer dispensers are available on each bus.
-Face coverings are required for all passengers.
-All passengers ride for free.
-Passengers are loaded through the rear door when possible.
-Capacity on each bus is limited to 10 passengers.

Metro Ride has estimated passenger loads and will allocate available buses accordingly. Multiple buses will run on some routes in order to serve as many waiting passengers as possible. However, some waiting passengers may encounter pick-up delays if the bus reaches maximum capacity before arriving at their bus stop.

When a regular route bus reaches maximum capacity (10):

The bus will continue on the route without stopping for waiting customers. Another bus will arrive in 30 minutes.

When an express route bus reaches maximum capacity (10):

The bus will stop picking up waiting customers and will follow the most direct route to deliver passengers onboard. The bus will return to the route in 20 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on location.

Metro Ride will provide the best possible service under these challenging circumstances. Adjustments will be made when possible and pick-up times should become more predictable as ridership patterns develop. Customers are encouraged to be patient and be prepared to wait for the bus to arrive.

For route and schedule information, call 715-842-9287 or go to the Metro Ride section of the city of Wausau website at ci.wausau.wi.us/Departments/MetroRide.aspx.