Dear editor,

This letter is about the recent Supreme Court decision to count only those mailed-in ballots in Wisconsin that have arrived by election day, irrespective of the date they were postmarked. 

But first I want to talk about speed limits. They vary from state to state. They’re 65 in New York and 85 in Texas with all the others somewhere in between. It’s up to each state and we would think it ludicrous for the Supreme Court to order an individual state to make a change.

Now to voting. Each state has its own mechanism for managing its elections. Some require mailed-in ballots to be received by election day in order to be counted, and some require only that they be postmarked by that day. Minnesota for example, as well as Iowa and Ohio and a bunch of others. It’s up to each state, just like speed limits.

So I ask, how can the Supreme Court tinker with Wisconsin’s rules regarding mailed-in ballots? I’m no legal expert but I’m pretty good at fair play and common sense. 

Jim Force of Wausau

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