By Shereen Siewert, Editor and Publisher

Wausau Pilot & Review

As we count down the days and hours to Tuesday’s election, we’ve been receiving many letters to the editor. We’ve also been receiving a record number of emails from readers who confuse letters from readers with editorial content from our news team.


I want to be as clear as possible. We don’t write those letters to the editor, and they’re not news stories. They’re opinion pieces from you, our readers, and your views are always welcome here, no matter which candidate you’re supporting. We don’t cherry pick, and letters are clearly marked with an editor’s note identifying them as reader opinions that don’t necessarily reflect that of our staff.

Because we are a nonpartisan, nonprofit news outlet, we do not endorse candidates and do not take a side in any election. That’s up to you, and it’s your right to be heard.

To submit a letter to the editor, email and be sure to include your name and city of residence. Anonymous letters are not published. We recommend you keep letters to 150 words or less, but that’s a guideline, not a rule. If you want to send us a 1,500 word letter to the editor, you can. We publish letters as we receive them.

For a look at all recently published opinion pieces, you can visit our opinion page here.

And, for the latest election coverage including a tool to find out what’s on your ballot, visit our election page here. The page also includes the latest polls (which, we know, aren’t always all that accurate) the most recent spending information for Presidential and 7th U.S. Congressional candidates, and the most recently published election stories.

As always, thank you for reading. We appreciate you.

Your Letters

Your letters: Wausau’s actions put working people ‘in the cold’

Dear editor, Among all this recent excitement generated by proposals to redesign the mall, I need to ask : “While making Wausau a hot spot for young urban professionals to drop a planter for a few years, what is the mechanism by which a significant proportion of our rooted citizens will benefit from the millions […]

Your letters: Where were the voting system complaints in 2016?

Dear editor, I’d like to respond to an article published Nov. 25 in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: The Wisconsin voting system Donald Trump is attacking was built by Republicans, by Patrick Marley. Molly Beck of the Journal Sentinel staff contributed to the report.  I. “The state’s voting laws and procedures were overhauled repeatedly during eight […]

Your letters: Wisconsin is better than this

Dear editor, I am a former native of Wausau, now residing in Oregon. I have followed Wisconsin events for a long while. I am amazed and chagrined by the pushback Gov. Evers has received by the GOP controlled Legislature as regards his mask-wearing comments. Honestly, does anyone really wonder why Wisconsin has experienced its latest […]

Your letters: Ron Johnson is not the enemy

Dear editor, In response to Jim Force’s concern about senator Ron Johnson. Now you know how Trump supporters have felt the last four years. Yes, many of us are hurting because of this foreign virus. But Ron Johnson didn’t shut down the state. That’s the governor’s call. The heavy hand of government hastened fear for […]

Your letters: Trump destroying public lands, wildlife

Dear editor, Polar bears, caribou herds and migratory birds are at grave risk. (Donald) Trump is fast-tracking the auction of drilling rights in the entire coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Wildlife is already endangered in the Arctic where climate change is happening at a much faster rate than in other […]

Editorial: As the COVID-19 death toll rises, decide what you treasure most

By Shereen Siewert Editor and Publisher, Wausau Pilot & Review About six weeks ago, my husband and I both tested positive for COVID-19. We had been exceptionally careful since the pandemic began, but like so many others we wound up with it anyway. Unlike some people who are lucky enough not to experience serious symptoms, […]

Your letters: Disgruntled with Ron Johnson

Dear editor, Maybe you’re as tired as I am of the senatorial behavior of  Ron Johnson. His most recent comments that he didn’t think there was anything to congratulate president-elect Joe Biden for, uttered as he bypassed a reporter, are just the latest in a series of gaffes and missteps by a man who is […]

Your letters: Restore integrity to future elections

Dear editor, I have heard many accounts of confusion about the inaccurate polls this year. Newsflash: Disinformation has been more common than real information for years! These polls were as inaccurate as in 2016 – both were intentionally skewed for voter suppression purposes. Who’s to say, with razor-thin margins, that these fake polls didn’t flip states? This, […]