By Shereen Siewert, Editor and Publisher

Wausau Pilot & Review

As we count down the days and hours to Tuesday’s election, we’ve been receiving many letters to the editor. We’ve also been receiving a record number of emails from readers who confuse letters from readers with editorial content from our news team.


I want to be as clear as possible. We don’t write those letters to the editor, and they’re not news stories. They’re opinion pieces from you, our readers, and your views are always welcome here, no matter which candidate you’re supporting. We don’t cherry pick, and letters are clearly marked with an editor’s note identifying them as reader opinions that don’t necessarily reflect that of our staff.

Because we are a nonpartisan, nonprofit news outlet, we do not endorse candidates and do not take a side in any election. That’s up to you, and it’s your right to be heard.

To submit a letter to the editor, email and be sure to include your name and city of residence. Anonymous letters are not published. We recommend you keep letters to 150 words or less, but that’s a guideline, not a rule. If you want to send us a 1,500 word letter to the editor, you can. We publish letters as we receive them.

For a look at all recently published opinion pieces, you can visit our opinion page here.

And, for the latest election coverage including a tool to find out what’s on your ballot, visit our election page here. The page also includes the latest polls (which, we know, aren’t always all that accurate) the most recent spending information for Presidential and 7th U.S. Congressional candidates, and the most recently published election stories.

As always, thank you for reading. We appreciate you.

Your Letters

Your letters: Thanksgiving dinner and nationalism

Dear editor,                                    What is more American than the Thanksgiving meal with family and friends? It is where we can demonstrate our most intimate love of our neighbor that is commanded by most religions. Loving our neighbor does have an ethical content.  It means that we respect each other, listen to what they say, and debate with civility…

Your Letters: Wausau is at a tipping point

Dear editor, The Tipping Point Wausau series from the Wausau Chamber of Commerce is something everyone should check out. I think few people understand what this area is up against even though the chaos of the (non)merging of the high schools is a direct result of this remarkable change in population demography. The median age…

Your letters: Wausau’s debt, taxes are out of control

Dear editor, It’s that time of the year again. Next Tuesday, Nov. 21, our local Wausau politicians and the Finance Department will hammer out our budget. Tax consumers and “activists,” it’s time to make your demands. You poor tax payers — hold on to your wallets! Let’s look at the debt first, now pushing over $250…

Your letters: MBX chairman addresses easement for Wis. River trail in Wausau

Dear editor, The City Pages published an article on “River’s Edge expansion” July 3, 2023. The article stated the city is negotiating with MBX on easements along the river between Stewart Avenue and Bridge Street. This claim is not true. No one from the city has contacted me about negotiating an MBX First Avenue easement. On July…

Your letters: Writer expresses support for Tom Tiffany

Dear editor, I am writing to express my strong support for Representative Tom Tiffany’s vote against the most recent continuing resolution. In a political landscape often characterized by short-term fixes, it is refreshing to see a leader who is willing to take a principled stand for fiscal responsibility and a more sustainable approach to government…

Your letters: Candidate for Wis. District 7 shares his vision

Dear editor, The hard-working people of Wisconsin understand our political system is broken. Rather than making headlines for their accomplishments in Washington, politicians are capturing attention for high school-like antics of infighting and name-calling. Meanwhile, the real issues facing working people are being overlooked and neglected. It’s time for something new. I am excited to share…

Editorial Roundup: Wisconsin

By The Associated Press Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. November 12, 2023. Editorial: Patience wearing thin on records delays We’re in agreement with a Wisconsin judge’s order last week instructing a former chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to hand over documentation from her work advising Robin Vos on possible impeachment of a current justice. We’re…

Your Letters: Speak up now on Wausau School restructuring plan

Dear Editor, I commend Scott Seefeldt for his very on-point letter regarding The Wausau School District restructuring plan. The glaring indifference by several board members and the District Administration is woefully disappointing.    The school board makes the final decisions, not the administration. It seems the community feeling is, for the most part, being ignored. Parents, residents, taxpayers,…