Dear editor,

In response to Jim Force’s concern about senator Ron Johnson. Now you know how Trump supporters have felt the last four years.

Yes, many of us are hurting because of this foreign virus. But Ron Johnson didn’t shut down the state. That’s the governor’s call.

The heavy hand of government hastened fear for common sense. I don’t think they had much of a choice considering what was at stake. Does anyone think Democrat governors would have crippled their own economies if not for the election?

Take a step back and look at the crazy back and forth between the powers in Washington when the virus was first discovered. If Trump was for caution, the left said celebrate. When the administration asked for calm, the opposition called for lockdowns. Think about the timing of it all. A world pandemic in an election year during one of the greatest economies in history. What did you think Pelosi and the majority in the House was going to do? I’m sorry Jim, Washington could care less about you and I. It’s all about power.

I feel for everyone caught in the middle. Ron Johnson, however, is not the enemy here. Bottom line, the Democrats used the pandemic against Trump, which is the same as using it against you and I. That’s how Republicans feel, and it hurts like hell. He deserved better. We sure as hell did too!

If this pandemic occurred during a Democrat-controlled White House, all would have been different. Don’t believe me? How many riots, sorry protests, have been in the news since Biden was named President elect. None. Those groups are now off the streets and in line for a piece of the Biden/Harris pie. Watch who Biden picks to advise his White House. I ask Jim Force and anyone else questioning the future of our country. “How many protest groups lined up for the Trump dole after he won the White House.”

Oh, this too. The Biden investigation contains real evidence of misconduct. Actual emails and dates substantiating every allegation. In fact, the swamp in Washington actually had been looking at Hunter Biden for months. Who knew, right? Well, maybe the main stream media, if it was Donald Trump Jr. and not Joe Biden’s son, because it would have been leaked.

Nothing is going to happen though, not with the media in his corner.

Believe Senator Johnson when he says there was no Russian disinformation in this case, because there is none. Look closely, without media bias, and the only bad actors are Chinese business operatives and the Bidens. Sorry Jim, but I’ve seen this movie before.

Phil Harder of Wausau

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