By Shereen Siewert

A 54-year-old Wausau woman facing her sixth charge of operating while intoxicated was arrested after employees at her workplace complained she was drunk on the job.

Diane Dahl will be summoned into court Jan. 4 on the felony OWI charge, filed Nov. 17 in Marathon County Circuit Court. She is not in custody at this time.

According to court documents, police responded on Oct. 8 to a business on Sherman Street for a report of a heavily intoxicated employee. When interviewed, Dahl told police she had consumed alcohol before driving to work in her SUV but had been drinking at work.

After allegedly failing field sobriety tests, Dahl submitted a breath test that showed her blood alcohol concentration was 0.134 percent, according to the police report. A chemical test of her blood taken shortly afterward showed a BAC of 0.147 percent, court records show.

Dahl is subject to a 0.02 percent alcohol driving restriction due to her five prior OWI convictions, the most recent of which was more than 20 years ago.