UW-Stevens Point students and staff helped create a rainbow crosswalk on campus in fall 2019 to promote inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community. Photo courtesy UWSP.

STEVENS POINT – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students have formed the first university student chapter of We Are Many – United Against Hate.

The student organization’s goal is to fight racism, hate and bigotry and promote diversity, inclusivity and tolerance. It plans to do this initially by engaging students and community members in educational events and reading/discussion groups focused on social injustice topics.

UW-Stevens Point is a good location for the first chapter, said Yazeed Allan, a senior majoring in biochemistry who is the chapter president, in a news release. “As a rural area that is less diverse, we have an opportunity to outreach and educate people about unity in diversity. The best way to ensure everyone is safe and respected is through understanding.”

Allan, an international student originally from Palestine, has lived in Stevens Point for more than three years and said the community has been welcoming. He is the social justice coordinator at UW-Stevens Point’s Diversity and College Access office and inclusivity director for the Student Government Association.

To learn more about the organization, visit www.united-against-hate.org. To learn more about social justice work at UW-Stevens Point, contact Sam Dinga, Diversity and College Access director, at sdinga@uwsp.edu or Allan at yalla713@uwsp.edu.