Dear editor,

Everywhere I go, those that voted for Joe Biden are saying, “It was a fair election, we must accept the results.”

What if that election had dozens of cases of election fraud, along with hundreds of sworn affidavits from people claiming such? What it seems to boil down to is this: If your party won, there is no fraud. That seems to be the case here.

There is evidence, with both video and audio backing it, of fraudulent voting activity in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada, and maybe a couple other states. So much, in fact, that if found to be true, would swing the election to Donald J. Trump.

In 2000, Democrat Al Gore fought tooth and nail for 37 days, trying to win the electoral votes in Florida in the ‘hanging chad’ debacle.

Beginning in 2016, liberals and the mainstream media threw out countless allegations of corruption involving Donald Trump, Russia and Ukraine. Nothing was ever found in this three-plus year battle to take down a sitting president, despite tens of thousands of ‘legacy media’ articles claiming otherwise.

Robert Mueller spent $40 million and over 1,200 days investigating Trump and found nothing. To save face, the Democrats impeached Trump.

Yet in 2020, the year of COVID,  when President Trump and his attorneys have enough evidence to show fraud and corruption on a massive scale, the liberal media ignores it. People say, “Get over it, you lost.”

So why, when there is enough evidence to show election fraud, would we just give up?

Our republic deserves an answer. Otherwise, at least half of America will never trust another election result.

And even more scary: Read up on what Biden and his Marxist cabal intend to do to this country should they be in complete control. That should be enough to freeze the blood in your veins.

Michael Trzinski of Port Edwards 

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