By Shereen Siewert

School officials in Wausau say they were taken aback to receive a citation for “failing to pick up dog excrement in a timely manner” after several piles of dog feces were reported at an elementary school.

But city officials say there was no citation. Instead, the district received a letter dated Dec. 9 informing them of the violation and asking for compliance before Dec. 17, said Wausau Chief Inspection Administrator William Hebert.

Hebert said an inspector was in the area of Jefferson Elementary, 500 W. Randolph St., for other property issues when he noticed several piles of feces on the edge of the parking lot.

That, Hebert said, prompted the inspector to send the notice to inform the district about the issue.

“It was fairly obvious that a neighbor is walking their dog and not picking up,” Hebert said. “The violation has been corrected and the case is closed.”

The notice is one of 19 animal sanitation cases to date in 2020, Hebert said. Most are residential.

“Hopefully the neighbors can be more responsible and pick up after their pets,” Hebert said. 

See the notice, below.