Dear editor,

Once again, Rep. Tom Tiffany has demonstrated his contempt for our Constitution and the rule of law.

Hours after President Trump incited a violent mob to ransack our nation’s capitol, Tiffany cast a vote to overturn the will of voters in Arizona and Pennsylvania and stated he would have usurped Wisconsin’s voters given the chance. This places him squarely in the Sedition Caucus, members of Congress who joined  an insurrection built on lies they told their constituents. This is unacceptable. The truth is Joe Biden won by more than 7 million votes and, despite dozens of lawsuits, not one judge – including Trump appointees – found evidence of consequential voter fraud.

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman said this regarding Tiffany’s vote to overrule the states:

“I am sure that James Madison and Alexander Hamilton are spinning in their graves. The idea that the President would be determined by a vote of Congress is both absurd and dangerous.”

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher said,  “The idea that Congress — not the people in the states — gets to choose the president and the vice president would surprise the framers. It would stun millions of Americans.” 

He accused legislators objecting to Biden’s victory of falsely encouraging Trump supporters to think the results could be overturned, culminating in the Capitol riot.

Both Grothman and Gallagher voted to reject the objections and affirm Biden’s election. But not Tiffany, he shamefully put his own political ambition ahead of his oath of office and perpetuated Trump’s false claims. He must be held accountable.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has called for Tiffany, and (Sen. Ron) Johnson and (U.S. Rep. Scott) Fitzgerald to resign. I agree.

If you do, too, please call Tiffany’s office and let him know: 202-225-3365.

Rick Plonsky of Harshaw

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