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Dear editor,

I know full  handily that this may not  be  posted but this subject needs to  be exposed. Because of  recent events big tech has censored conservatives and deleted new platforms but where is the outrage when the left does the same.

We have seen riots from the left and nothing is said you have antifa going insane  in the streets burning down  business  and there is nothing said  no censor ship brought upon them. This is truly a attack on free speech and having  censor ship and forcing us to be politically correct thrown in our face.

Even though I am only 22 after seeing all this and watching  people  in Wausau  by the court house rally for  socialism I believe there needs to be a change. There should  not be a change for socialism because  we have seen that has not  worked we need to try  libertarianism we do not need  big government regulating everything. 

I have a 3 year old daughter. In these last few years I have seen our justice system fall us and many of us feel the same outrage. As a state we need our death penalty back we are giving criminals too many chances to re offend and hurt innocent lives.

My goal in these next couple years is to run for congress or some form of office to give innocent people our rights back. If this new legislation will get passed our tax money will be saved by not having to keep murders, rapists, sex offenders and pedophiles in jail for life instead giving the family’s of their victims justice by having their executions done swiftly.

Our community needs better and we need to stop releasing these individuals.

Christopher Brandl, Mosinee